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The Blueprint for Hiring Sales Development Representatives

One of the key roles when you scale out a SaaS company for success are Sales Development Representatives (SDR), otherwise known as a Lead Generation Representative or Business Development Representative (BDR). They play the critical role of qualifying the leads generated by marketing activities and then handing them off to the Account Executives who run the [...]

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Why sales skills aren’t in the school curriculum (and why they should be)

In the post-secondary world, the spotlight is on teaching practical skills. Communications students are taught how to write a media release, engineering students learn how to program micro controllers and business students are shown how to implement a business strategy. But there is one practical skill, applicable to almost every field, that is missing from [...]

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  • “The challenge for many leaders today is how to manage and motivate several small teams working together to produce something larger.”

Are you doing all you can to prepare for a job interview?

Preparation: noun: the activity or process of making something ready or of becoming ready for something. The underlying principles of every business are focused on delivering value and driving growth. If you’re heading into a job interview – how well prepared are you to answer and cite specific examples on how you can contribute to [...]

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Why Every Great Sales Team Starts with a Great Sales Manager

There are a number of characteristics that separate top-performing sales teams from underperforming ones, but the most important differentiator is the sales manager. Research shows that companies that outperform their sales targets have excellent sales managers. This means that overall success of your sales force is more dependent on hiring top talent for your sales [...]

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  • Demoralizing employees leads to inefficiency – which leads to high turnover.

How to keep your sales team motivated

The role of sales is to help others solve their problems, alleviate their pain points and help them achieve their success. When you view it within that scope – how has sales become such a daily grind with stress clinging itself to the role – almost like it’s built into the job description? It doesn’t [...]

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  • You’ve done the research and all the prep work – now what do you wear?

4 Red Flags That Will Change the Way You Hire Salespeople

Hiring quality salespeople, helping them become entrenched in the company, keeping them motivated for continued sales success and not losing them to another company – is not an easy feat. This truly is the benchmark in knowing whether or not your sales hiring practices are working for you, or if it’s time for you to [...]

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  • “Just because you’re successful building a small business – doesn’t mean you’ll be successful building a big business.”

How to use failure to your advantage

Many people are terrified of failure. And yet there are some that have failed to colossal proportions but are somehow able to pick themselves up and move forward. As strange as it may sound, many wonderful things can be born out of failure, and success rarely happens without it in some varying degree. As Drew [...]

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What Investors look for in technology start­ups

Each investor will look for something different when being pitched by a start­up.  Most will look at the whole package and then dissect the individual parts but the most important thing that most investors will look for is, what is their return on investment and when can they expect to start to see it. [...]

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5 Reasons Your Sales Department is a Revolving Door

Acquiring top talent through an effective sales hiring process is only part of the battle. If you don’t have a plan in place to retain these stars, you’re going to continue to bleed top talent back onto the market. High turnover in sales is embedded in the competitive nature of the business. There are a [...]

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Best-selling Books to Better Your Career

Summer weather is finally here which means many of us will be spending our upcoming weekends kicking back and relaxing outdoors – the perfect opportunity to educate ourselves on how to be more successful in our careers. Here are six best-selling books we recommend reading this summer. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath Do you do [...]

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