What makes Martyn Bassett Associates unique.

Top talent attracts top talent, which is why Martyn Bassett Associates has become Toronto’s premier software and technology sales recruiter. Founded in 2001, our firm is a reflection of our founder’s 30+ years of recruitment experience, dedication to client service and unparalleled ability to identify high quality sales talent.

Our focus has always been on building teams that drive revenue and Martyn firmly believes that hiring sales professionals is a process that demands the skills of a dedicated sales recruiter. We’ve proven our thesis by building top-performing teams and making senior, strategic placements for partners of all sizes within the software and technology sector.

We’ve built our internal team on the same principles we apply to our most successful partners, which is why our clients routinely retain our services. They’ve come to expect speed, quality and service, which is what we consistently deliver in addition to the industry insight and market intelligence that comes from spending 250+ hours each week connected to our niche.

We’ve continued to evolve with the technology space and our specialized practices leverage our expertise in specific technology verticals. It’s the latest in our ongoing efforts to be the sales recruiter of choice for your next search.

About Us

We’re Toronto’s premier recruiting firm for sales, marketing and product management roles in the technology industry.

Founded in 2001, our firm is a reflection of founder Martyn Bassett’s 30+ years of recruitment experience, dedication to client service and unparalleled ability to identify high quality talent.

We build deep and lasting relationships with elite talent, cultivate top-performing teams and make senior, strategic placements for partners of all sizes within the software and technology sector.

Located in downtown Toronto, we conduct searches across the GTA, in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa and across North America.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help move software and technology companies from startup and early-stage to profitable successful enterprises by delivering higher ROI and better candidates than general purpose recruiting firms.

We carry out this mission day-in and day-out by:

  • Actively identifying and connecting with top tier candidates
  • Staying on the pulse of technology, salary structures and market conditions
  • Building trusting, consultative relationships through high-touch recruitment services

Our clients’ goals and visions are what fuel our ability to help them build for tomorrow.

About Us

For over 30 years, our recruiting firm has been engrained in the technology sector by building deep and lasting relationships with elite talent, cultivating top-performing teams and making senior, strategic placements for partners of all sizes. We stay on the pulse of the technology sector and remain within one-degree of separation to the emerging innovators. We strive to create a positive and engaging end-to-end experience to solidify your vision towards success. While our team is embedded in the heart of downtown Toronto, our process extends well beyond the city limits as we conduct active recruitment searches for companies across North America.

Our Mission

We deliver a customized approach that is specifically tailored to your organizational objectives and reflect modern hiring demands. We dedicate a signature level of skill and finesse to source top candidates that will provide the fundamental building blocks for high-performing management teams.

Our focus on software sales and product management recruitment consistently delivers stronger ROI and high-octane candidates. Our expertise stems from our unparalleled ability to identify high quality talent, our breadth of knowledge of salary structures, evolving market conditions and how to effectively position your opportunity to leading talent. The innovative nature of our client’s vision is what fuels our ability to help them build for tomorrow.

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Meet The Team

Martyn Bassett

President & Founder

Everything about this company is shaped by Martyn’s experience, expertise and insight.

Born in England, raised in Canada, educated at McMaster University and living in Toronto; Martyn is one of Canada’s best sales recruiters and 30-year veteran of the recruitment business, with connections to Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs. He uses his personal experience, and knowledge gleaned from the pages of the Economist, to understand the challenges facing his clients. He’ll challenge you – on your business needs and the golf course – but you’ll be glad he did.

After working demanding hours on a salmon fishing boat on the West Coast of Canada, Martyn’s friends in the recruiting industry inspired him to pursue a career in the field. As soon as he started out in the business, he quickly realized that building leadership teams was his passion as he was driven by the growth and market domination that strong teams achieved.

Starting Martyn Bassett Associates was the natural next step. The company began as a builder of sales teams in the technology sector, but clients quickly became impressed with the candidates they provided and began to enlist Martyn to help formulate product management, marketing and tech teams.

By constantly working to expand capabilities and specialization in what he believes are key growth markets, Martyn gained the valued trust of his clients, and was able to evolve the firm into what it is today.

When he’s not working tirelessly for his candidates, he can be found golfing, skiing, and even perusing the St. Lawrence Market in search of new and exciting ingredients to add to his recipes. What never wavers is Martyn’s strong commitment to excellence in everything he does – just take a look at his track record.

Andrew Shaw

Head of Product Management Search

Andrew considers himself a student of business, leadership development and talent strategy – and is proud to work in a field that fulfills all of these requirements and challenges him to evolve everyday.

He takes great pride in speaking with very knowledgeable people that are changing the way we live our lives through technology, and allows him to gain insight into the future and how someone’s idea can be built into an amazing organization.

As a student of this profession, Andrew embraces a new challenge everyday, and doesn’t believe that throwing a high volume of resumes against a wall and see what sticks will ever work. He immerses himself in the life cycle and growth of a business and really thrives in working in a consultative approach in order to present top talent to fill critical roles that will drive a business forward.

Andrew is a family man through and through and loves cheering on and supporting his daughters at their swim meets, dance competitions and singing recitals.

Heidi Ram

Executive Recruiter

Since joining Martyn Bassett Associates in 1999, Heidi has been instrumental in building high-performance teams for some of the firm’s most valued clients across Canada and the U.S.

Heidi typically recruits within the realm of Technology Sales leadership and Product Management positions.

Heidi takes a serious approach in understanding the unique requirements of each search so she can execute effectively and quickly. She meets with clients during the requirements gathering stage and takes a consultative approach when building out a product team.

Sales and product professionals at every level often engage with Heidi to better understand current market conditions and to gain some perspective of salaries and career decisions they are toying with.

Heidi is known for her thoroughness, her matter of fact approach, and her swift execution while holding herself up to a high standard. She is also quirky and enjoys writing about herself in the third person while pretending to have a very cool European accent. She also likes croissants from France – and finds the joy in using various paper products like sticky notes.

When Heidi isn’t recruiting, she can be found in her perennial garden, or on TripAdvisor planning her next adventure, or she’s busy drafting her next LinkedIn post – which, if you don’t follow her – you should!

Kyle West

Executive Recruiter

Kyle is the unique type of individual you meet in life that seems to know everybody – and everybody knows Kyle. The recognition of being on a first name basis with what seems to be everyone, allows him to have a comfortable conversation. And for Kyle, he’s one who takes great pride in being a matchmaker, helping to shape someone’s career and to be in the middle on both sides seeing a perfect fit come together.

He understands that it’s all about the talent for the clients, and it matters to him to take the longer-term view when finding the right match and focus on building deep and lasting relationships. He takes a consultative approach to his work that helps him build these conversations spread out over years with business leaders. And when Kyle finds the right person, at the right time – it all comes together. He thrives off the unpredictability of his role, which keeps it exciting for him, and when his name shows up on someone’s display, it’s an opportunity they never let go to voicemail.

When he’s not spending time with his family and exploring The Bluffs, Kyle enjoys the tranquility of reconnecting with nature and adding colour to his green thumb while tending to his newly improved garden.

Sagar Bharadwaj

Executive Recruiter

Sagar had been working in technology recruiting in India for many years when he decided he wanted to get more international exposure and moved to Toronto towards the end of 2017. As an avid reader, Sagar recognized all the opportunities unfolding, especially with Toronto serving as the hub for technology and thriving new businesses.

Coming from a background rooted in technology, Sagar used to head up the Talent Acquisition for the IT services division back in India and was responsible for hiring around 900 employees on a yearly basis. While Sagar had his team firing on all cylinders, he knew that a change of scenery for his young family would pay off.

Sagar landed at Pearson International on October 26th, met with Martyn on the 30th and was off and running in early November. Needless to say, he made some quick moves. Sagar became enamoured with the macro landscape of Toronto’s tech space, and to have the ability to jump right in tomeet different people from so many different sectors doing truly innovative things. And with his first experience working in a smaller organization, he’s embraced the tight knit culture at Martyn Bassett Associates and how an agile team keeps everyone brought up to speed faster.

While the weather in Toronto might serve as the biggest shock since coming over, there isn’t much in the way that he hasn’t already expected – especially with the traffic he’s used to back home. This is one man who you will never hear complain about the Toronto commute.

Candice Delia

Executive Business Development

With a solid analytical backbone and a research driven mindset, Candice is the type of person that loves to sift through the raw data to put the pieces of the puzzle together. She thrives off of looking at all angles and completely understanding the scope of a business, and then going to market to bring everything together.

Having run her own business for over two decades, Candice mastered skills in operations, training, marketing and recruiting and continues to hone these skills in key roles throughout her career.

Candice found the next chapter of her story when she connected with Martyn and felt right at home in an agile setting where everybody had their own method of going about their practice. She quickly found that being in a boutique firm offered a very organic family feel backed by a supportive team culture that truly embraced her entrepreneurial background.

And with two kids keeping her on the go, Candice is that unique person that you meet in life that doesn’t seem to slow down.

Meet The Team

Martyn BassettPresident & Founder Martyn BassettPresident & Founder
Martyn BassettPresident & Founder Martyn BassettPresident & Founder
Martyn BassettPresident & Founder Martyn BassettPresident & Founder
Phylicia WalshOffice Manager Phylicia WalshOffice Manager
Lauryn BassettMarketing Assistant Lauryn BassettMarketing Assistant
Ali AlizadehRecruiting Supervisor Ali AlizadehRecruiting Supervisor

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Martyn and his firm are awesome at hiring salespeople and sales leaders. He pretty much staffed up our entire sales team at Eloqua.

We benchmarked him against the best, even local recruiting firms and we found that Martyn could bring on better people, with less yield loss, from Toronto.

Mark Organ
CEO, Influitive
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You can spend weeks, even months, in search of the right candidate. Or you can work with someone that knows where to look and save yourself the headache. I gave Martyn Bassett a job description and watched him repeatedly deliver on that from within the sales talent pool.

Keith Nealon
CEO, Vyze
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We drew up a very specific wishlist for our Business Development Executive – which included experience in managed and professional services, consistent over-performance and experience as a consultant – before we retained Martyn. We had no guarantee that candidate was on the market but Martyn’s team produced several that ticked all the boxes and one that exceeded our expectations.
Steven Graham
Managing Director, Computer Aid
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Martyn has access to a seemingly limitless number of talented sales leaders and he is sure to understand business needs and present only fully vetted candidates. I wholly recommend him for anyone – candidate or hiring manager – looking to find the right home for talented sales leaders.
Chris French
VP Enterprise – Eastern Region, Globoforce
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Having gone through interviews and job negotiations many times on my own before, I have to say that being presented by a recruiter this time made the process so much smoother. I’m sure that myself and my employer are both happier with the outcome as a result of working with Martyn Bassett Associates through the process.
Eric Bradnam
Solutions Architect –  Channel Sales, Dundas Data Visualization
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Martyn’s ability to bring talent to you is a benefit in and of itself, but what truly impressed me is his understanding of what you need and what you don’t need and having the conversation about it.

I looked at Martyn as more than the guy bringing talent to me – I looked to him for advice throughout the process.

Jamie Schneiderman
CEO, Clearfit
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It’s a tricky thing to find the right people based in Toronto who can go and sell to distant markets and how to sell in a SaaS world with the right language skills – you can imagine it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and Martyn came up with great candidates that we used to fill a number of roles.
Greg Durand
VP, Global Sales, Cority
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Having somebody that understands high-growth SaaS, in the industry that we are in, what we’re trying to achieve and the stage that we’re at was the most critical component for us.
James Novak
Chief Operating Officer, Fiix Software
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This is the world Martyn lives in – it’s not even a debate. And I wanted to tap into that expertise with his team.

Peter Spencer
Director of Sales, iView Systems
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