2022 Holiday Wrap-Up

While conducting executive-level tech searches is what we do; seeing people find their dream job and helping clients build their revenue-generating teams is what we love. 

2022 was a year festooned with great advice from our team on many topics like resumes & salary insights, tech hiring market trends, and product management best practices. As the holiday season draws near, it's time to revisit our greatest hits.

Here are some of our best blogs to help you prepare for the new year: 

1. Why Years of Experience Doesn't Matter

For over 20 years, we've helped our client companies find talent. After all these years of recruiting, evaluating and presenting candidates to clients, we’ve learned some important lessons. One of the most important lessons being, to pay more attention to accomplishments versus years of experience when looking at candidates.

2. Practical Advice When Your Product Manager Wants a Promotion

Internally promoting versus finding outsourced talent is a delicate balancing act. This can become even more complicated when the one asking for the promotion may not be ready. Managing promotions and expectations is essential to flourish. Discover ways to better support your employees' personal growth in this article.

3. What Type of Product Manager Do You Need to Hire?

Having placed over 150 product management professionals, we’ve learned how to quickly uncover a candidate’s main product management archetype. Based on a company's stage, product type, and growth plan, the product leader will vary dramatically. Knowing how to advertise your specific position properly can help you find the right sort of candidate, faster. 

4. Does Anyone Out There Understand Product Recruiting? 

Do you need help hiring product talent? With over 20 years of search experience, we have decoded the nuances of product management hiring. Here are some insights into how specialized search firms like ours can help startups find the right product management leader for their growth stage and goals.

5. Understanding Market Rates

Pricing is based on supply and demand, but can we carry this hypothesis into the world of talent acquisition? Learn how the market ebbs and flows affect compensation packages and how to best position your organization to top talent.

We hope you have enjoyed our 2022 content and market insights. We look forward to sharing more next year!

From Product Managers to Marketing Directors, we invest tremendous time refining our skills and finding specialized candidates. We’d love to welcome the new year with you and hear about your growth and hiring plans