22 Facts to Ring in 2022

Winding down for the holidays often signals a time of reflection, to take stock of the year, all the ups-and-downs and learnings that 2021 had to offer. 

For many, 2021 was the bounce-back year we were all hoping for. New trends emerged, new tech disruptors launched … it’s safe to say a lot happened! 

As we look back on 2021, here are 22 facts about Martyn Bassett Associates and the recruitment industry that we can take with us into 2022:  

Our Company:

  1. We celebrated 20 years in business
  2. We were invited to participate in 5 Product Management focused webinar events, including this one hosted by ProductAMA. 
  3. Our most-read article was, The Top Senior Product Manager Interview Questions Leaders Ask.
  4. Our most loved content series is our Salary Insights where we showcase real salaries of past searches.

Our Team:

  1. Our team grew from 10 to 15 employees.
  2. Half of our team was born outside of Canada, including Martyn.
  3. One of our recruiters is an expert in difficult to recruit for roles across AI, ML, and Data Science.
  4. Our team's go-to lunch spot in Toronto is QueenMotherCafe; if you go, try the Ping Gai!

Our Searches: 

  1. Our recruiters have conducted searches in 7 countries around the world.
  2. Our Canadian clients have spanned the length of Canada from Victoria BC to Charlottetown PEI.
  3. We placed 3 VP Engineers in 2021, each of whom took over for a Co-Founder.
  4. One of our favourite leadership roles to recruit for is the VP Customer Success role!

Our Product Practice: 

  1. Product Management has now become our largest practice stream.
  2. The average number of business days it takes us to complete a VP Product search is 33.
  3. We placed 17 Product Leaders in 2021.
  4. As well as completed 34 Product, Product Design & Product Marketing focused searches. 

Recruitment Trends

  1. 25% of the clients who engaged us for a critical hire, spent an average of 4.5 months trying to fill the job themselves, without success.
  2. 85% of our clients were looking for or open to remote, or location agonist, candidates.
  3. New York Times reported, 3.5 million open positions and 0% unemployment rate in the cybersecurity sector in 2021. This year we placed two cybersecurity executives.  
  4. The biggest compensation package we saw this year was a FAANG Product Executive at 1.3 Million USD. 
  5. Our early-stage, pre-series A, clients were mostly focused on building their marketing teams.
  6. The CMO role is the second most common C-suite role we are engaged to recruit. Because of this, we have one of the most comprehensive networks of tech industry CMOs in North America. 

2021 has been an amazing year and we cannot wait to see what 2022 brings! Want to learn more about our hiring predictions for 2022?

Check out our LinkedIn page and hear directly from our recruitment team.