4 critical ways mentorship makes a difference

Mentorship is critical in all areas of life and is as important for the person who is mentoring as it is for the person being mentored. Mentoring is a way for someone to give back and utilize the breadth of knowledge that they have garnered to help someone else learn and grow.

Even for purely selfish reasons, if they aren’t driven by the altruistic benefits of mentorship, business owners and senior management should never think of mentorship as a waste of their time or beneath them; as a well mentored employee will invariably be a much better, more proactive and loyal employee.

1. Why We All Need Mentors, No Matter Where We Are In Our Careers

Most successful CEOs out there will tell you that not only did they have mentors guide them along the way but they probably still have mentors that they confide in and learn from even at the height of their success.  There is no level that you can reach where you will no longer be able to benefit from the mentorship of someone wiser than you in some way or another.  Being open to this fact ensures a far more balanced and well­rounded individual.

2. Benefits Of Mentorship

The benefits of mentorship are far reaching to both parties in different ways.  The person being mentored will likely be able to dodge some of the harsh experiences that could otherwise come their way if they were going it alone and they could definitely benefit from introductions to potential stakeholders and other influential people that could also help them along their path.

3. Tips For Establishing Mentorship Relationships In Your Life

Many people will seek out mentors in various areas of their life because they know how significantly the power of that guidance can impact and improve their life and help them reach their goals. A great way to approach a potential mentor is to show them that you have done your research on why they would make such a great mentor to you.  Let them know that you are aware of the road they have traveled.  You know some of the obstacles they were able to overcome. You know what trails they blazed.  This isn’t just “blowing sunshine” either. This legitimately shows your potential mentor that you have appreciation.  That you understand the value of their hard work, the value of the investment of their time in you and that you are dedicated to putting their advice into practice and are going to honor them by working hard. And most importantly, show gratitude and show it often, with complete sincerity.

4. How To Foster Mentorship In The Workplace

Mentorship should be encouraged from the CEO all the way through the ranks.  Where possible, find ways to enable staff to carve out time specifically for mentorship.  Whether that mentorship comes in the way of one­on­one guidance, peer mentorship, or groups and workshops; time spent facilitating the share of information and expertise will inevitably result in a stronger, more productive and more vested team overall.

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