4 Things We Can All Learn From Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship, much like any other endeavour in life shows you that the journey is the destination. Far too often our sights are set so far down the road that we miss out on the beauty that everyday life presents us with. It’s unfortunate that social media has cast a distorted lens over entrepreneurship that it’s a life full of Bugatti’s, escapes to the South of France and a few extra commas in your bank account. It isn’t a fast track to retirement – it’s embedded in who you are and what you truly want out of life.

Nobody is born an entrepreneur. Different people take different paths to achieve success, and there is no set-in-stone instruction for becoming one.

Entrepreneurs are the crazy ones who will work 100 hours a week, just so that they don’t end up working 40 hours a week. It’s more than simply being your own boss and calling your own shots, it’s about taking your destiny into your own hands and creating your dreams into existence.

There are more than a few aspects everyone can take from the entrepreneurial mindset and embed them in our everyday lives as a reminder to enjoy the journey.

  1. They’re Mentally Equipped for the Journey

Entrepreneurs understand the inherent risks involved in branching out on their own and the fact that their livelihoods are determined by the work they put in. There isn’t a safety net to fall back on and success is never given. Entrepreneurs have clear-cut goals outlined serving as their beacon, they celebrate the little wins and have a crystal clear vision of what they’re after and who they need to be to get there. They understand there will be many pitfalls along the way – but it’s all a part of the script in the journey.

In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. - Peter F. Drucker 

  1. They Invest in Themselves

Entrepreneurs understand that investing in themselves and investing in their futures determines their success. When you view it through this lens, it’s imperative to keep building personal skills and abilities. Entrepreneurs know that their network will ultimately determine their net-worth, and how they can constantly add value – so the education process never stops.

Never stop learning. If you aren’t learning, then you’re quickly becoming obsolete.

  1. Work Hard – But Work Smart Too

If we want to be successful, we shouldn't be content to simply work smarter. The most successful people work smart, but they also work exceptionally hard.

Working smart is only part of the equation, because it allows you to strategically look at your time and work from a bird’s eye view to maximize the time to optimal use.

  1. They Learn From Their Mistakes

Failure is life’s greatest lesson in disguise. Too often it’s perceived from within as a dead end with the dreaded worry that others view it as a major setback. Learn from your failure and modify your approach. Constantly seeking to improve yourself and evolve. There’s a lot of beauty in failure – especially in the creative realm when only a small fraction of work will ever see the light of day – use it to retool and become stronger. Forget about making mistakes – just do it.

Failure isn’t failure unless you don’t learn from it. - Dr. Ronald Niednagel

Entrepreneurs are comfortable with being uncomfortable – which is the complete opposite of a lot of us. Too often we find ourselves seeking to find that cozy rut where it’s safe and sheltered – but that’s not where life happens. Take a page from the mindsets of the modern entrepreneur and put the path to success in your own hands.