4 Red Flags That Will Change the Way You Hire Salespeople

Hiring quality salespeople, helping them become entrenched in the company, keeping them motivated for continued sales success and not losing them to another company – is not an easy feat. This truly is the benchmark in knowing whether or not your sales hiring practices are working for you, or if it’s time for you to make some real changes to your sales hiring process.

Here are four signs that indicate it’s time to make some changes.

1.    Targets aren’t being made

If your business is not hitting your sales targets, you have either miscalculated your projections, your recruiting practices aren’t enticing enough to the top producers, you’re not hiring the right sales reps for your industry, or you’re not providing those reps with the appropriate training and support once you have recruited them. Regardless of the reason, the fact that your team is falling short on hitting your sales goals is the best reason ever to reinvent your hiring wheel. At this point, it is imperative for you to break things down, identify the weaknesses and then build your new plan for success.

2. Offers are being rejected

When you find that you are once again salivating with excitement and anticipation as you await a response to an offer you made to yet another great sales candidate, only to be crushed by their rejection; then it may be time to enlist some help. In growing a successful business, it is absolutely vital to keep focused and on track. In the tech environment, there is no doubt that it suffers when your attention is diverted having to jump into the role of recruiter; only to find that you are either not connecting with the upper echelon of sales talent that you desire, or you are reaching them but not able to reel them in.

3. You’re getting poor quality applicants

One of the most time consuming processes that side tracks your business operations is having to manage the sales hiring process, especially when it comes to hiring for one of the most crucial areas of your business.  Finding stellar sales reps in the highly competitive tech market can be very challenging and there are few things more frustrating than having to make your way through a mile-high pile of poor quality applicants.

4. New hires aren’t sticking around

Now, if you have managed to get yourself through the entire hiring process, only to have your newly assembled sales team start to, one by one, run for the hills; you could very well find yourself huddled under your desk in the fetal position wondering if it was at all possible that you could wake up from this very bad dream. It is extremely disheartening to think that you have just wasted a colossal amount of time on a complete act of futility.

When you start to feel like you have been wasting your time and want to finally find a way off the hamster wheel of hiring disappointment; it is very likely time to enlist some help from qualified hiring experts who can help navigate this process for you.

Lost time, lost opportunities and lost revenue are the triple threat you stand to miss if you don’t change your process.