4 Things You Should Expect From Your Sales Team

Finding great sales talent is hard and keeping it is harder. That’s why we spend so much time talking about how to attract and retain candidates, but that doesn’t mean you should walk on eggshells as soon as you’ve found a rep. who hits quota. Here are some of the things you should expect from your sales team. 

If you expect more than just revenue, it’ll be easier to tell who’s invested in your organization and who’s just waiting for a better offer. Here are four things that you should expect from your sales team:


The most obvious sign of investment is staying with the organization over the long-term, but it’s not the only one. Investment also means learning your product, embracing your methods and connecting with the team. If someone isn’t willing to invest and adapt, they’re probably thinking of their next move rather than how they can help you succeed.


Circumstances change and you should expect your team to understand that, rather than jumping ship as soon as you decide to change course. There’s definitely a limit to how flexible people can be, particularly if change is going to impact their earning potential. However, resistance to change can be a sign that someone is more interested in preserving their status quo than doing what’s best for the organization.

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Your sales team is in touch with the market and interacting with your customers. They’re uniquely positioned to provide market intelligence, feature suggestions and more. If they’re not volunteering that information, they’re missing one of their best opportunities to add value beyond closing deals.


Knowledge is power and nobody ever has all their cards on the table. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect to get burned by your own team. It’s going to happen, but if you conduct yourself honestly you can make it clear that you expect the same and good people will respect that.

Setting expectations is key when it comes to sales and it’s no different when hiring sales talent — you should clearly communicate the things that you expect from your sales team. If you make it clear that hitting quota is only one element of success within your organization, you’ll build a stronger team. You’re going to lose a few people who might otherwise drive revenue, but they were never going to stick around in the first place.

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