5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Unwind During the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, our lives become as frenetic as ever. The hustle and bustle that unravels around us can sometimes be an added bit of stress, especially on top of running a business. Entrepreneurs are wired differently than other folk, and typically have a tough time hitting the off switch and embrace some downtime during the holidays. This is a stretch of time to recharge the batteries, reflect and be grateful for all the amazing intangibles that life has to offer.

Here are some ideas on how to unwind during the holidays and rejuvenate your system for the New Year.

1. Meditate and Reflect

Meditation is a beautiful practice that disguises itself in tiny pockets throughout your day. Life can been an onslaught of meetings, emails, and rushing to other meetings; where we get so caught up with life’s inundation that we’re essentially jumping from moment to moment. Take some time this holiday season to reflect on the year that was, the peaks and valleys, the personal and organizational triumphs, the setbacks and take inventory of everything you’re truly grateful for in your life.

2. Detach from work

Work can have its way of seeping into your holiday time, with emails or incessant reminders penetrating your well-being. If something is bothering you, or itching at your mindset, then either deal with it, delegate it or delete it. If a lingering issue is bothering you; attack it head on and put a plan in place otherwise it will bite at you relentlessly, removing you from the present moment.

3. Escape your routine

While creating a regimented schedule is imperative for success as an entrepreneur, that same routine can seem monotonous, especially in this holiday season. Look to break your rigid schedule and sleep in late, go to bed late or go to a cool event. According to Harvard Business Review, disrupting your everyday regimen can even increase creative thinking.

4. Recharge your mind and body

Every successful entrepreneur is cognizant of taking care of his or her mind, body and soul connection. While the holidays provides endless opportunities for home baked goodies and infinite dinner parties, be mindful that you don’t stray too far from daily exercise, activities and healthy meal items. Do something a little extra for yourself and seek out wellness experiences like a ski day, a massage or yoga class. Don’t just sit and veg on the couch all week.

5. Spend time with loved ones

Need we say more?

It goes without saying, but take the time over the holidays to review your personal and professional goals for this coming year. By writing it down and constantly reviewing your objectives, it helps keep you realigned with your grand vision.

From all of us at Martyn Bassett Associates, have a wonderful holiday season!