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Lauren Durfy

Lauren Durfy

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Why Recruiters Don’t Immediately Share Client Companies with Candidates

If you've dealt with recruiters, you've probably asked yourself, why don’t these recruiters just disclose the client companies on their job [...]
By Lauren Durfy | March 24th, 2021

Why Marketing Titles Don’t Mean Much

As recruiting veterans, we can tell you, marketing titles can be odd and dangerous. Often people make assumptions about a title based on what [...]
By Lauren Durfy | December 16th, 2020

Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Work on your Portfolio

As we head into the holiday season, for many it's a time where business slows down and the fiscal year wraps up, signaling a time for [...]
By Lauren Durfy | December 9th, 2020

Salary Insights - Product Marketing Manager

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for their first Product Marketing Manager. Our client is a Canadian based, privately [...]
By Lauren Durfy | December 2nd, 2020

In Conversation with Three Design Thinking Experts

On November 18th, Martyn Bassett Associates hosted a panel discussion with three design thinking experts: Dan Parkinson (Senior Business [...]
By Lauren Durfy | November 25th, 2020

Upcoming Webinar: Registration Now Open

To be considered a success, all business innovations must be feasible, viable and desirable. Design Thinking is an approach to innovation [...]
By Lauren Durfy | November 3rd, 2020

Don’t Hire a Head of Marketing Without These 5 Traits

Where to start when hiring a Head of Marketing? There are so many types of marketing and skills (digital, demand gen, growth, content, SEO, [...]
By Lauren Durfy | September 16th, 2020

Ten Steps to Resigning Gracefully

Changing jobs and having to resign is always a nerve-racking and stressful process. Even though this is a standard practice in the working [...]
By Lauren Durfy | July 15th, 2020

Summer Reads: Top 5 New(er) Sales Books

Sales leaders in startups have to wear many hats - they are often expected to personally drive revenue as well as scale processes, build [...]
By Lauren Durfy | July 8th, 2020

How to Ace Your Remote Interview

Interviews are stressful! You only have 60 minutes to showcase why you think you’d be the perfect fit for a position and company. Remote [...]
By Lauren Durfy | June 24th, 2020
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