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Pauline Serenes

Pauline Serenes
Pauline is a marketing professional who loves engaging with people. She manages the company’s social media platforms and creates tailored content that is consistent with our brand. The company's branding initiatives are strengthened by her work on social. With her fresh ideas and willingness to learn, she’s been able to connect with our audience on social media despite being new to the recruitment industry.
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Recent Posts

Dealing with an Employment Gap

In recent years, many in the tech industry have faced challenging times due to the impact of COVID-19 or the current layoffs, and downsizing in [...]
By Pauline Serenes | October 25th, 2023

2022 Holiday Wrap-Up

While conducting executive-level tech searches is what we do; seeing people find their dream job and helping clients build their [...]
By Pauline Serenes | December 21st, 2022

How Did Our 2022 Predictions Stack Up?

Happy year end! We did it! 2022 is almost in the books, and from where we stand, it’s exciting to turn the page to a new year filled with [...]
By Pauline Serenes | December 14th, 2022

10 Books Every New Founder Should Read

Running your own company can get overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. As a new founder, you always want a chance to explore new [...]
By Pauline Serenes | September 28th, 2022

The 10 Best Sales Books to Read this Year

In sales, it is important to remain a student of the game. Continual study is necessary to become a better salesperson and what better way to do [...]
By Pauline Serenes | February 23rd, 2022

22 Facts to Ring in 2022

Winding down for the holidays often signals a time of reflection, to take stock of the year, all the ups-and-downs and learnings that 2021 had [...]
By Pauline Serenes | December 15th, 2021

Summer Reads: Top 10 Product Books

We have seen some drastic changes in business over the past two years as customer behaviours and market trends shift. With all these massive [...]
By Pauline Serenes | July 28th, 2021

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Martyn Bassett

The man behind the name, Martyn Bassett! To celebrate our 20 years, here are 20 things you probably don't know about our CEO:
By Pauline Serenes | June 8th, 2021
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