Common Sales Hiring Mistakes

A good hiring process conveys efficiency, professionalism and respect. A poor hiring process alienates candidates and wastes time. Here are some of the common sales hiring mistakes we hear about from top candidates and how you can avoid them.

Process Is Too Long

Hiring is a complicated process that takes time, which is never going to change. However, good candidates aren’t going to wait if you’re dragging your feet. Circumstances can change, other opportunities become available or they can interpret your lack of urgency for lack of interest and withdraw voluntarily.

Some of the most common factors that can result in a prohibitively long evaluation process are:

1. Too Many Interviews

Interviews can take about a week to organize and process. They also require candidates to make time in their schedule, which can be complicated for employed sales professionals. As a general rule, aim for three interviews or less; a screening interview, an evaluation interview and a hiring interview.

2. Lack Of Urgency

Do you need this candidate in place by a certain date? Do you really need this candidate at all? If you can’t answer definitively it means there’s no urgency, which results to a hiring process that’s nobody’s top priority.

Failure To Sell Your Opportunity

Successful sales candidates – even ones looking for a change – are very aware of how valuable they are. They may be interested by the job posting, but they’ll need to be sold on the financial and professional upside of your role.

This is can come as a shock to HR professionals accustomed to simply evaluating candidates and extending offers. The secret is to understand your opportunity and the goals of the candidate, then find genuine points of alignment. (We’ll provide some questions to help you accomplish this in section X.)

Poor Communication

The hiring process is your first opportunity to impress potential employees. If it’s efficient, transparent and pleasant it will reflect positively on your organization. If it’s not, you risk alienating qualified candidates before you have a chance to extend an offer. Sales professionals understand that circumstances change, but don’t appreciate people who waste their time.

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