Why a Disruptor Needs a Disruptor

It is always wonderful when we meet a Founder, CEO, or Head of Talent for the first time and they are surprised and delighted to discover a search firm that specializes in Product Management Recruiting.

Our firm loves to be known as one doing something disruptive, especially when so many of our clients are disruptors as well. In fact, since the days of our first product search in 2006, and the launch of our product practice in 2016, we have been committed to continually reexamining our organization to enable focused product management recruitment at scope and scale.

The definition of disruption is to make a radical change to an existing industry or market due to innovation. Martyn Bassett Associates has radically changed how search firms execute searches. How?

Traditional Model

Many search firms whose business models are similar to ours (an engagement model), emphasize their processes to justify their fees and payment structures. This often means multiple and lengthy meetings across stakeholders to develop and document search strategies, requirements, and establish interview processes.

Many of these search firms whose areas of practice are broad, might employ the same recruiters to work on drastically different positions for each project they are assigned (i.e. in the same week they are managing searches for a Marketing Manager, Board Member, Data Analyst, Product Manager, etc.)

In these situations, it takes time for that recruiter to research the role and the market to understand enough to begin the search. This often translates into drawn-out starts resulting in lengthy wait times before a client receives candidates. It is not surprising for a firm like the one described, to present candidates in week 4 or 5 of the search. Sometimes longer.

Sole Proprietor Model 

Another community of search professionals our business model disrupts is the sole proprietor (aka individuals providing recruiting services). This model of a search partner comes with additional set of considerations.

Like the traditional model, they don't specialize often because they can't afford to, so they are generalists. Deciding to only focus on one type of role (like product management) and decline other income sources, from different searches, is often too risky.  

Again, they need time to learn and get up to speed with each new type of search. Also, when life disruptions happen, the life of the sole proprietor is impacted. There is no team to ensure seamless operations if they become ill, have a family emergency, or take a vacation.

Our Disruptive Model

We disrupt the way most search firms operate by emphasizing outcomes over processes. Our goal is to help our clients get to a decision about who to meet, who to advance, and who to hire as quickly as possible. 

In fact, we can conduct a VP Product search in just 33 business days. How? Because we choose to be hyper-specialized and outcome-focused as often we are engaged by a client who has been unsuccessfully attempting to fill the role themselves (or they fired the last recruiting firm) and we are being asked to urgently help. 

The second reason that enables speed is our clients. The majority of our clients are venture-funded startups and our stakeholder is the Founder/CEO. Speed to market and getting the product right is their highest priority by the time we meet them. As agile outcome focused businesses, they naturally gravitate towards our model which allows us to move faster without sacrificing candidate quality.

Martyn Bassett Associates 

We recently celebrated our 20th Anniversary and continue to promote our belief that every member of our team plays an important role in helping to deliver the outcomes our clients come to expect.

Whether it's our: 

  • Admin/Operations team who book interviews
  • Account Managers who negotiate offers
  • Researchers who research and undercover passive talent
  • Recruiters who qualify and discern who passes through our gates 
  • Marketers who keep our brand and messaging on the channels that matter

Everyone matters. If someone on the team has an emergency or takes a vacation, we can continue delivering on our commitments to an outcome. Your outcome.

Over the last 4 years, our team size has grown significantly, and how we organize ourselves has changed as well. Our team of Recruiters include some who are considered subject matter specialists and known by top candidates across North America. This is true not only of our Product Practice, but also in the more specialized recruiting we do for Data/AI/ML talent and VPs of Engineering.

So in this way, we are a disruptor in the search industry by choosing to focus on outcomes instead of processes. By investing in new methodologies, technologies, and talent that enable us to scale and apply resources where we need them for each search.

Being a recruiting disruptor who partners with leaders of venture-funded disruptors just feels right. What industry are you trying to disrupt? Are you satisfied with the outcomes your current search processes are yielding? If not, book a 20-minute Zoom call between one disruptor to another.