Expanding our IT and Analytics Recruiting Practice

We are excited to announce a new focus on recruiting for technical roles. Two of our recruiters,  David Ross and Sagar Bharadwaj, have extensive experience recruiting IT candidates and building technical teams.

David Ross has been in IT recruitment for 25 years. David worked as a recruitment manager for Ernst & Young, and started their first e-commerce practice. After working for a US consulting firm, David began his own firm with a focus on IT security, data migration, cloud data architecture, BI analysts and architects, and full-stack developers.

Sagar Bharadwaj was the first IT recruiter for Credit Suisse India. From 2012 to 2017 he built tech teams from the ground up—teams working on the trading tech platforms, private banking IT, risk and finance, and compliance and regulatory IT teams—across the whole organization. He was responsible for building the team that grew Credit Suisse’s IT teams from 80 to more than 1200. Since joining Martyn Bassett Associates a year ago, Sagar has placed several high level candidates in key technical roles with our clients.

David and Sagar’s combined experience creates a unique opportunity for our clients—they have the perspective and experience to act as consultative partners for organizations looking to build out their technical capacity. They’ve been on the forefront of building teams enabled for e-commerce, fintech, AI, BI, machine learning and more, and can help you determine the best path forward for your growing team—and then find, attract, and qualify the candidates who will help you achieve your goals.

Here are (some of) the roles that we can help you fill:

VP Engineering | Chief Technology Officer | Solutions Architect | Development Architect | Storage Architect | Data Architect | Data Analyst | Data Scientist | Computer vision engineer | Machine learning engineer | Network analyst | Security analyst | Cloud engineer | App developer | Business intelligence (BI) analyst | DevOps lead | Database administrator | User support specialist | Cloud solutions architect | Data scientist | Data science manager | Machine learning engineers | Big data developer | BI developer | Data platform engineer | And more…

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