Why is it so Hard to Hire Product Marketers?

2023 Edition

In 2021, we wrote about why it was so hard to hire Product Marketers, which turned out to be one of our top-read blogs of that year!

For this reason, we decided to explore whether hiring Product Marketing Managers is as challenging in 2023 as in 2021. Here is what we learned:

Yes! Making a product marketing hire remains a challenge. But the reasons why it remains a challenge have scaled to include two new reasons:

Their value has been validated 

Finally, product marketing has been embraced as a cornerstone hire. Founders and CEOs agree that the significant investments being made into product management must be complemented and managed all the way through with product marketing support. 

For this reason, more and more companies are investing in hiring product marketers or scaling those teams. Whenever there is a new investment into a role, the laws of supply and demand take over, and the war for talent becomes real.

Risk tolerance is low 

The second reason hiring product marketing talent is tough relates to the economic season we find ourselves in. While many companies are still hiring, the fear of making the wrong hire or extending search cycles in hopes of meeting perfection is preventing some leaders from making decisions. 

When leaders don't make decisions, roles sit vacant and impact business negatively.

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