Is Your Job Offer Appealing to Product Managers?

The Top 10 Reasons (Besides Compensation) a Product Manager Accepts a Job Offer

As the Great Resignation continues and employees jump ship for greener pastures - it got us thinking, besides a hearty compensation package, what convinces those in tech to make a move? 

We recently discussed how to entice a Sales Leader; now, it’s time to focus on Product Managers. While money is a big part of the reason someone accepts an offer, money alone won't keep someone in the job. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why a Product Manager is likely to accept your offer of employment.


Who will they be learning from? What will they be learning? And building? All of this should be laid out for candidates. They need to know if they are successful in the role, what it will mean for their future progression and career.


The office location or hybrid/remote model meets the candidate's needs and lifestyle.


The problem they will be solving is one they can get excited about, possibly even at a personal level as a user themselves.


Unless you’re looking to hire a CPO who has been around the block, a product hire is looking to learn and grow their skills. Especially a hungry Product Manager who will want an opportunity to report to someone they admire and can learn a lot from. 


The business has missional or purposeful values that align with their own. The outcome the business is working towards is one that the candidate believes in and is excited to help achieve.


Is the product something new they've never worked on before? Will learning about this problem space help to increase overall product knowledge? Lean into the potential of what the business and problem space can become as the company matures. 

Organization Alignment 

Candidates need to fully understand how the product org is setup. They should be able meet some of their core team members during the interview process. This builds feelings of 'connection' to the role and organization.


The scope and scale of the business is larger than anything they have done before. This includes a larger community of users or paying customers.

Team Credentials 

People want to work with great people, so don’t forget to sell the team! Always highlight the history of the founding team and/or their rockstar investors. (i.e., multi-exit Founders, big-name investors, etc.) 

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