Salary Insights: Demystifying Product Manager Compensation [Video Series]

Watch the introduction to our new video series with our Senior Product Management recruiter, Heidi Ram, as she shares the trends she's seeing in Product Manager salaries. If you are looking to build out your Product team (or retain the great talent you already have), this series will be a valuable resource for your compensation discussions. Stay tuned for the rest of the series, dropping throughout the week!




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Hi there! I’m Heidi and I recruit Product Managers.

For the very reason that we have a Product Management practice, we get a lot of calls and messages from hiring leaders, sometimes Chief Product Officers, sometimes Founders, CEOs, and sometimes very business oriented HR Professionals. And they all want to talk about Product Management salaries.

Sometimes they want to talk because, perhaps they are looking at their organization and they’re trying to make sure that their business is actually aligned to current market salaries. Or sometimes the hiring leader is looking to build a case to their leadership to confirm something that they’ve been suspicious of all along, which is that they are not competitive, and they want to do something about it. 

Sometimes hiring leaders reach out to us because they are at a point in their business where they want to add a very specific function to the Product team, maybe it's someone who is going to work on API integrations, or maybe it’s someone who will be a subject matter expert. Bottomline, they are curious to know what the market is like for those candidates, and what salaries look like. 

And sometimes, we even get calls from, usually Founders, CEOs, who are looking to add to their Product team, who want to understand salaries, because up until this point, the team they have been working with has gotten them to, you know, maybe a $5 million dollar business. But that Founder knows that this team, while they’ve been successful, probably isn’t the team to get the business to $50 million, and for that reason they want to know what is it going to cost to assemble a team to get to $50 million. 

Whatever the reason, Product Management salaries is a huge subject, and there’s lots of grey area in this topic. 

In this video (series), I’ll be sharing some insights with you about what I’ve been learning about Product Managers and their salaries in the market that we’re currently in. And I hope that this insight helps you and your business in whether you’re building your team, or trying to retain your team, but ultimately with the goal that your organization is going to be able to move forward and release amazing product in market that is delightful to its users.


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