Market Research for your Market Research Tech Company

In an industry of generalists, subject matter experts stand out, and at some point, every business will require a subject matter expert.

This is true across many use cases:

  • The internal finance department who needs a Big5 accounting firm to ensure readiness for an IPO
  • The internal legal team who needs to retain an M&A lawyer to complete the sale of the business
  • The restaurant who needs to hire a French pastry chef to create signature desserts to become a dining destination

At some point, everyone needs a specialist, and the same can be said for hiring tech talent. During a company's growth journey, every tech company will require a recruiting partner, an expert in their area, to ensure they get access to the specific candidate personas they need to scale more efficiently. 

We are a specialized recruiting partner for startups needing to hire teams who can drive growth. More specifically, strategic and leadership hires across Product Management, Design, Software Sales, and Marketing.

Why Do You Need a Specialized Recruiting Partner?

It’s an easy answer, market insights. As a Marketing Research Tech company reading this, we don't need to tell you the value market insights provide to a Founder or CEO. 

In our 20+ years in business recruiting across North America, we have learned the insights our clients care about:

  • Perspective on the scarcity or availability of specific candidate personas, including those in specific geographic locations
  • Competitive intelligence about how similar organizations are winning talent and how to apply those strategies 
  • Business process remodelling to ensure the operations of the business support the hiring roadmap and timeline 
  • Real-time salary/compensation insights and what that means to structure offers that attract passive candidates

Each of our Recruitment Practice areas is led by a practice leader who represents the VoC (voice of the candidates). They understand the market, the competitive landscape, salaries, and trends that will help take a curated message into the market and attract those specific candidates. 

Our Software Sales Recruiting Practice:

  • Knowledgeable of the compensation relationship between quota and commission plans
  • Experience scaling sales organizations that require distinct teams such as New Business Account Executives, Strategic Account Management, Named Account Managers, Overlay SMEs, BDRs, SDRs, Presales, and Channel or Partner Managers
  • Capable of calling BS and separating the good from the great candidates
  • Detectives sleuthing for the President's Club Winners and the $500K+ W2 Club members

Our Marketing Recruiting Practice:

  • Experience building modern marketing teams whose emphasis is on growth
  • Nuanced in the candidate personas, which occasionally blend into each other but if standing alone own Demand Generation, Content Marketing, Paid Social Growth / Performance Marketing, and ABM
  • Searching and uncovering metrics, growth stats, and CAC

Our Product Management Recruiting Practice:

  • Our product practice which launched in 2016 represents our largest search practice 
  • Nuanced in the types of product management skills and personas
  • An expert at evaluating and curating the right candidates with the right experience. 
  • An industry expert in real-time salaries and the elements of an offer which are likely to motivate top-tier candidates.


Twenty-plus years of success recruiting teams who drive growth for tech startups has given us 20+ years of data from which we use to draw out key business insights that our clients leverage to make better decisions! 

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