Salary Insights - Product Manager

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Product Manager who was both a product visionary and invested in the area of improving the lives of others. 

Our client is a privately held company healthcare brand with an accelerator program to drive innovation. They were in search of a Product Manager with proven experiences turning an early prototype into a fully functioning product.

We conducted a targeted search across North America, focusing on fullstack product candidates with experience launching new products into the market. 

Our client interviewed 4 candidates:

The SaaS Expert - $120K CAD Base

  • 17 years of employment experience, 15 of which were in product
  • Worked across B2B startups, mid sized and large enterprise organizations within Real Estate, HCM, Security, EdTech and InsuranceTech
  • Fullstack PM with varied experiences building and leading the product vision, strategy and development as well as spearheading GTM and roadmap strategies 
  • Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters Degree in Business Analysis 

The Technical Wizard - 140K CAD Base + 10% Bonus 

  • 17 years of employment experience, 5 of which were in product
  • Worked across startups, mid-size healthcare companies and in technology consulting 
  • Experience as a Technical Product Manager, leading full lifecycle of product development and launch for web and mobile products
  • Engineering Degree in Electronics

The Healthcare Visionary - $130K CAD Base + 15% Bonus

  • 10 years of employment experience, 7 of which were in product
  • Worked for various HealthTech brands
  • Experience owning the product vision for a clinical product and led products from inception to launch, building MVPs and journey mapping
  • Engineering Degree in Electronics

The Hire 

  • 7 years of employment experience, 5 of which were in product
  • Worked primarily for SaaS brands across Fintech and AdTech
  • A strong Technical Product Manager with experience owning product strategy, development, back end architecture and growth 
  • Led API integrations and built analytics & data visualization products 
  • Successfully shipped platforms in collaboration with Engineering, UX and Design
  • Bachelor of Computing

To secure our candidate, our client offered a $130K + Bonus.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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For organizations and job seekers alike, it can be challenging to understand what a particular position should pay. Often, it’s a calculation between salary surveys that lack context, what a person has earned in the past, and ad hoc conversations with others in the field.

These posts are meant to highlight the contextual elements that make up compensation and help our clients and candidates better understand the current market forces that affect earning potential. 

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