Dive into Product Marketing Manager Salaries: Insights

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for their first Product Marketing Manager. Our client is a Canadian based, privately held technology company whose end-to-end solutions provide connectivity for enterprise remote workers or off-the-grid adventurers.

Their ideal candidate would be someone already functioning as a senior-level Product Marketer, responsible for a complex product used in enterprise applications. It was important to the client that their hire had significant product release experience, and would instill credibility to both the sales and engineering teams who are not accustomed to working with the product team.

We presented a range of candidates to our client:

The Strategic Marketer - $110K + bonus   

  • 24 years of employment experience, most of which was in Product Management, Pricing Management and Launch Readiness/Management.
  • Experience marketing complex products, including end-to-end products (hardware and software and connectivity.)
  • North American + LatAm experience
  • STEM degree + MBA

The Up & Comer - $95K Base + 15% Bonus 

  • Described as an ‘up-and-coming top talent’ with 5 years of employment experience, 4 of which spent in product management.
  • Experience marketing complex and connected IoT products used by consumers or commercial customers.
  • Experience with go-to-market and launch strategies, leveraging partnerships and channel resellers.
  • STEM degree

The Veteran Marketer - $110K base + bonus 

  • 23 years of employment experience, 13 of which spent in product marketing.
  • Experience marketing technical products, including end-to-end solutions encompassing hardware, software and connectivity.
  • The first Product Marketing hire for a company with a mandate to prove the function and the value it adds to the business. Managed a small team focused on product releases.
  • Marketing degree, MBA + numerous product and project management certifications.

The Hire: 

  • 16 years of employment experience including international market experience and 8 years working for a vendor of complex tech products which included software, hardware and connectivity components.
  • Experience launching new lines of business from ideation to full commercialization with significant revenue and margin growth.
  • Promoted multiple times by their current employer.
  • Business and Marketing Degrees

To land their candidate, our client offered $120K base + 15% Bonus

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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