Salary Insights - Vice President, Product Management

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a US-based Vice President, Product Management. The mission of this hire was to see the business through its next phase of growth.

This next phase included delivering on net-new products as well as the mandate to mature and optimize the product org to become closer to a 'product led growth' business model.

Our client is a multi-product B2B SaaS company whose solutions are used by non-technical users to manage their part of a business process. Similar to that of an ERP system, the product provides users with workflows that create efficiency and visibility into key data and insights.

We conducted a targeted search across the US, focusing on senior product leaders at a CPO and VP-level. Ideal candidates were those who had:

  • Led the growth and owned a product management function (including Product Managers, at various levels, Product Marketers and Product Designers)
  • Experience making product led business decisions 
  • Membership of a company's ELT/SLT
  • Understanding of B2B SaaS and the business model it creates
  • A champion of product management and knows what "great" looks like
  • Strategic and market facing - able to act as the VoC
  • Preferably based in eastern or central time zones with success as a remote leader 

Our client interviewed 6 candidates:

The Problem Solver - $250K USD Base + 25% Bonus + Stock Options

  • 20 years of employment experience, with 11 years of experience in Product Management 
  • Member of the ELT, reporting to a CEO, with regular Board-level accountabilities
  • Ownership of teams greater than 16 across Product Management, Product Design, and Product Marketing
  • Experience leading 3 entirely different B2B SaaS product ecosystems, solving for different use cases, user personas and industries
  • Insatiably curious and untraditional in their approach
  • Led product for a business which grew from $5-40M ARR and was ultimately acquired
  • MBA + winner of numerous product awards in their solution category
  • Based in a major city in the eastern timezone

The Bay Area Ambassador - $240K USD Base + 20% Bonus + Stock Options

  • This persona of candidate is best described as a 'next gen' CPO - highly technical yet dialed into the business metrics that drive growth and a high risk taker wired for building startups
  • Journey into product management was through Engineering 
  • People management was limited to teams fewer than 10, but did include Product Designers
  • Experience sitting on the ELT while working at a startup
  • Experiences also included both startup and scale-up product management scenarios:
    • Stood up a 0-1 product build which grew to $15M ARR before being acquired
    • Stepped into a $35M ARR business which scaled to $80M ARR
  • STEM Degree + MBA
  • Based in the Bay area

The Big Business Leader - $230K USD Base + 30% Bonus + RSU

  • 18 years of employment experience working for world-class B2B SaaS brands with a global footprint
  • Journey into Product Management was through Software Engineering
  • Experience building and managing teams as large as 20, exclusively Product Managers and Product Owners 
  • Focused on delivering multi-product B2B SaaS solutions for large enterprises 
  • Accustomed to managing products which generated $80M+ ARR and represented the core product of a multi-product business
  • Participated in an exit (acquisition) and the business transformation and integration which ensued
  • BS in Electrical Engineering + PMP
  • Based in a major city in the eastern timezone

The Presales Product Professional - $210K USD Base + 15% Bonus + Stock Options

  • 20 years of employment experience, with 10 year in Product Management
  • 2 years of experience at the VP level, reporting to a CEO, sitting on the ELT
  • Journey into Product Management was through Presales 
  • Largest team managed was 5, all were Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Considered a SME in business applications used by finance and accounting departments as well as marketing teams
  • Functions as the VoC and often pulled into large opportunities to vision cast with the C-suite and help close large deals
  • Business Degree + MBA + numerous product and project management certificates
  • Based in a major city in the central timezone

The Chief Product Pro - $330K USD Base + 30% Bonus + RSUs

  • 23 years of employment experience, with 18 years in product leadership
  • Journey into product began through engineering
  • Responsible for a product organization of 25 with 4 direct reports and a team of Product Managers, at varying levels, Product Operations, and Design
  • All product experience in enterprise B2B SaaS across various industries (high tech, banking/finance, manufacturing, services firms & CPG)
  • During one part of their career, they led the product for a PLG business whose growth went from $6M to $120M ARR
  • A business focused product leader whose style is closer to that of a CEO (highly strategic: roadmap, value, and customer focused)
  • Engineering Degree + MBA
  • Based in a major city in the central timezone

The Hire 

  • A B2B SaaS product leader with experience managing complex multi-product portfolios of solutions used by non-technical, business user personas
  • Experience hiring top talent and managing managers who led teams of 15+ across Product Management, Operations, Data and Design
  • Accustomed to being a remote leader for a company whose HQ was in the west coast as well as successfully managed distributed teams across the globe
  • Experience identifying acquisition targets and conducting due diligence
  • Two-time exit experience, both acquisitions
  • Led a business through a period of growth from single digits to $30M ARR 
  • Business Degree + MBA + numerous product and product management certifications 
  • Based in a major city in the eastern timezone

To land this candidate, our client offered a $250K USD Base + 30% Bonus + Stock Options.

As you can see, compensation for these candidates varies significantly based on the length and scope of experience, as well as their ability to thrive in similar environments.

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