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Salary Insights - Product Design Lead

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Product Design Lead.
By Lauren Durfy | September 5th, 2023

Why Good UX Matters in a Sustainability Startup

As Product Recruiters, we spend a lot of time talking with Founders and leaders about the value and impact of good product management.
By Heidi Ram | July 19th, 2023

Hiring After Each Investment Round

As a successful Toronto-based recruiting firm with global scope, we have worked with thousands of Founders and CEOs to help them make strategic [...]
By Martyn Bassett | February 21st, 2023

How to Recession-Proof Your Career

Economic conditions across tech and the financial markets often shape a candidate’s job search conditions.
By Heidi Ram | February 15th, 2023

Not Your Mama's Bank Account

Six Things to Consider Before Hiring a Fintech Product Designer Fintech startups have come a long way in terms of their user experience. [...]
By Tyler Pelley | January 24th, 2023

How Did Our 2022 Predictions Stack Up?

Happy year end! We did it! 2022 is almost in the books, and from where we stand, it’s exciting to turn the page to a new year filled with [...]
By Pauline Serenes | December 14th, 2022

Ask Better Questions, Hire Better Employees

Tell me about yourself - the classic interview opener. While it’s not a bad question, it doesn’t really set the tone or lead to a fruitful [...]
By Lauren Durfy | November 16th, 2022

Four Lessons from a Fintech Recruiter

I don't think there is a category of tech that has experienced more disruption or transformation than Fintech. Think…
By Heidi Ram | November 8th, 2022

Benefits of Partnering with a Niche Recruiter when Job Hunting

Recruiters can get a bad rap, and like in any industry, there are those in the profession just not cut out for it. So how can you quickly tell [...]
By Martyn Bassett | October 26th, 2022

10 Books Every New Founder Should Read

Running your own company can get overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. As a new founder, you always want a chance to explore new [...]
By Pauline Serenes | September 28th, 2022
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