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Marketing Director: Salary Insights

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Marketing Director. Our client is a privately held cyber security SaaS vendor [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | April 18th, 2019

Chief Marketing Officer: Salary Insights

We were recently engaged by a client to conduct a search for a Chief Marketing Officer. Our client is an international e-commerce SaaS [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | March 21st, 2019

5 ways to help you rethink your customer experience

We have entered the age of the customer. A focus on customer experience is a primary tactical advantage that helps companies survive the [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | February 12th, 2016

How to Test Cultural Fit During the Hiring Process

If the time has come within the evolution of your company that you have decided to bring on a new team member, it is imperative to consider [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | January 26th, 2016

Is Your Marketing Team the Architect of Your Customer’s Journey?

As more and more customers research and purchase products online, B2B connections are breaking down and digital marketing is now necessary to [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | January 23rd, 2016

4 Areas to Focus Your Marketing Efforts in 2016

Marketing is like the autobahn. It’s a super speedway that doesn’t wait for anyone and forges ahead with powerful trends and innovative [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | January 13th, 2016

How to Build a Rockstar Marketing Team: Practical Advice From a 20+ Year Marketing Veteran

We’ve entered a new age of modern marketing where the trifecta of content, context, and the customer experience reigns supreme. Marketers [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | October 27th, 2015

Is your marketing team at the top of their game?

Your marketing team is central to the success of your brand, your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Successful marketing isn’t just [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | September 7th, 2015

Why you need to rethink the way you approach marketing

Marketing cannot be viewed simply as a cost that you can toss money towards and instantly expect results. It is harmful misconceptions like [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | September 5th, 2015

4 Powerhouse Trends Emerging in Marketing

Marketing isn’t just simply a cost you can throw money towards and expect results to immediately follow. It is a long-term [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | August 19th, 2015
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