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3 Proactive Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover doesn’t just hit your bottom line. It has a damaging effect on your company culture as well as your overall brand [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | April 4th, 2016

7 ways to stop being busy and start being productive

The workday can sometimes seem long and gruelling. It’s only 11 a.m. and your inbox is filled with unread emails, people are constantly [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | March 21st, 2016

How Social Media is impacting the Hiring Process

Social media started as a way to easily share and talk to friends, but the increased usage over the past decade has taken a great deal of [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | March 12th, 2016

5 ways to help you rethink your customer experience

We have entered the age of the customer. A focus on customer experience is a primary tactical advantage that helps companies survive the [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | February 12th, 2016

Is Your Marketing Team the Architect of Your Customer’s Journey?

As more and more customers research and purchase products online, B2B connections are breaking down and digital marketing is now necessary to [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | January 23rd, 2016

4 challenges to overcome in the early stages of a startup

There is a major cognitive bias we all fall victim to that gets amplified through modern media. It’s the bias where we can only focus on the [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | September 17th, 2015

4 Reasons New Software Products Fail

There are many reasons why new products fail, but some are consistently at the top of the list and it’s important to review these often, in [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | July 23rd, 2015

What Investors look for in technology start­ups

Each investor will look for something different when being pitched by a start­up.  Most will look at the whole package and then dissect the [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | June 26th, 2015

5 Reasons Your Sales Department is a Revolving Door

Acquiring top talent through an effective sales hiring process is only part of the battle. If you don’t have a plan in place to retain these [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | June 5th, 2015

How To Avoid Costly Sales Hiring Mistakes at a Startup Company

The cold hard truth is that 90% of startups fail for a number of reasons. This fact isn’t meant to discourage entrepreneurs, but rather to [...]
By Martyn Bassett Associates | May 28th, 2015

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