What not to wear to a job interview at a tech company

The most important thing not to wear to a job interview at a tech company is something that you are completely uncomfortable in. When you are comfortable, you are more confident and you will be able to represent a far truer you. While there are some things that you may want to avoid, it still comes down to finding that something that is appropriate and appropriately you. There is also a significant distinction to be made in the difference between a tech company that develops gaming apps and a software company that develops CRM software for banks.

Tech companies have a casual dress code, so how do you dress for an interview?

The tech industry is known for being casual and very open to individualistic style. However, it is important to consider and research your audience a bit before picking out your interview outfit on the eve of your interview. It’s also very important to consider what you will feel most comfortable and confident in during your interview. While you may feel super cool and comfortable in cut off shorts and your so-old-its-almost-see-through t-shirt, there aren’t too many companies out there that would see it as an appropriate choice for an interview.

It also largely depends on the role you are applying for and the person who will be interviewing you. If you are applying for a programming, design or development role, you are likely able to show up far more casual than you would if you were applying for a senior management role or a sales role with a member of senior management or the CEO of the company.

Suit and tie may be too formal—but jeans may be too casual

If you are comfortable in a suit and tie and that’s how you feel your best, then you probably won’t have too much trouble finding something that will work for the interview. If you are more of a jeans person, then you may want to choose a pair on the nicer side and put it together with a nice button down shirt. Business casual is pretty safe for an interview at many tech companies and is a safer bet if you are really unsure and don’t know anyone that you could ask.

Suggestions for men and women

It is likely a bit more difficult for a woman to discern what to wear to an interview than for a man, simply because there is just far more choice involved. However, it’s also fairly easy to find a good middle ground. A safe choice for a woman would be a trendy business casual suit as it is something that really translates well to many different scenes. For men, a t-shirt is probably only safe if it is under a suit jacket of some kind, and the same goes for a nice pair of jeans. Otherwise, a button down shirt if you are foregoing the jacket and business casual pants should do the job. It is also always a good idea to try it on or at least show it to a few friends or family members to get their take on it and whether they think you will be comfortable wearing that choice to an interview.