Why We Love Recruiting for Fintech

As niche executive recruiters, we focus on finding top talent for all kinds of startups and scaleups; however, one of the most common tech categories we recruit for is Fintech.

We have a proven track record of finding top product, sales, and marketing talent for fintechs and continue to expand our recruitment efforts in this category because we love it so much.

So why do we love to recruit for fintech organizations so much? Well, it boils down to the market and the people. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why we love recruiting on behalf of these innovative fintechs:

1) Money Makes the World Go Round

Everyone has an interest in money and personal finance, whether saving it, spending it, losing it, or investing it, so there is tons of market share to go around. 

2) Fintech is an Industry of Innovators

It's not often that an industry is filled with investors investing both for their own gain but also for the greater good of their category.

Some of the largest banks operate venture funds, Citibank Ventures, WellsFargo StartUp Accelerator, and even US BANK acquired two venture funds. While in Canada, there is Scotia Digital Factory and RBCx. All of this validates growth, opportunities, and innovation within the category.

Also, the people who end up working for fintechs are generally curious to learn about where the next area of innovation will be. They are usually the people at the start of the innovation adoption lifecycle. This makes recruiting for fintechs more exciting as this persona is more likely to take a risk on a startup or be willing to take a call and learn more about a new job role’s potential.

3) Oh Canada

While we do searches throughout North America, we are a Canadian company through and through. We love that Canada is home to approximately 700 fintechs, with 18 of those newly founded in 2020. This makes the fintech category one of Canada's most active and vibrant categories of tech.

That and the fact Toronto is Canada's finance and banking capital means everyone knows someone who works in Fintech. The intimacy of working in such close proximity to local Founders and CEOs who are such a big part of Canada's tech ecosystem is another reason why we love recruiting for Fintechs.

Whether recruiting for product talent who are tapped to deliver value to banks, enterprises or consumers, or whether we are recruiting for the sales talent who drive revenue growth, you'll find us in the middle of it, sourcing the talent Founders and CEOs need. 

4) Exits

No product category is likely to experience a 'liquidity event' more so than Fintech. In a report by DealRoom, the 2021 value of exits of fintechs was $490B!

This provides fintech startups and their Founders with a higher likelihood of a life-changing event. Taking that narrative to market and inspiring others to meet with and potentially work with these Founders is what Recruiters dream of. 

Our firm is passionate about helping fintech Founders assemble their leadership, product, marketing, and sales teams. It is such an interesting, innovative, and inspiring category to be a part of. 


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