6 Different Archetypes Your Marketing Team Needs

The fabric of a successful marketing team is a diverse and collaborative environment. A marketing role is the furthest thing from being linear and marketers need to have a breadth of knowledge and adaptability of skills to succeed. The evolution of the modern marketer has changed but the objective still remains the same – increase the visibility and enhance the reputation of your brand to attract new customers.

Marketing campaigns typically base their stories around archetypes, because consumers unconsciously are wired to connect with these branded psyches. We can take this archetypical view when looking at building a well-rounded marketing team. There are certain pieces that are needed to complete the marketing team jigsaw puzzle in order to be destined for success.

While it is good to fill these archetypes through and through, it’s never a bad thing for team members to possess traits from each of these categories.

1.    The Brainstormer

Every member of a marketing squad needs to have an element of creativity embedded in their being, but there is always the visionary on your team that can coin new initiatives, fresh campaigns and different techniques to get key messaging across. This is typically a high level position for someone who can see all the channels that go into a new project along with all the intangibles that are involved. This role is viewed as an innovator – someone who is never complacent with the way things are and constantly taking a proactive approach to strive for more.

2.    The Researcher

Market research will greatly mitigate any risks. This type of due diligence sometimes gets skimmed over, but the importance of compiling all the research in the forms of demographics, what mediums are most effective and evaluating the competition are invaluable skills that every team member needs.

3.    The Designer

The creative, multimedia designer of the crew plays an integral role because they translate the objectives of the project into graphical designs for numerous platforms. This is a pinnacle role that has connections with every aspect of the project to make sure they understand the direction, timeline and deliverables.

4.    The Analyst

This is the data guru of the team – one of the most important roles where they can dig deep into the analytics and be able to comprehend a campaign’s overall success. They translate this raw data into what adjustments need to be made, if it was cost effective and how to improve. Marketers by nature need to be data-driven to understand the effectiveness of their work, but having that foundation where you can receive timely feedback is beyond helpful.

5.    The Manager

The Huffington Post describes the Manager’s role as, “one of the most important, yet also one of the most removed.” It is important in the sense that they make sure the project is completed by the right people, in the right timeframe and conducted in the right order – rather than specifically working on tasks within the campaign. They view the project from top to bottom by establishing all the components that are needed and being able to recognize any discrepancies.

6.    The Distributor

The distributor takes the analysis the researcher conducted regarding which avenues and mediums to target and embed that into the overall campaign. This gets flushed out in the types of social media channels to target, traditional paid mediums such as television, print or radio, guest blogging or pay-per-click campaigns. They effectively take all the content and ensure that the targeted audiences will see it.

In order for a marketing team to be successful, they need to cohesively move forward as a single unit with each individual playing their part – just as you would see with a professional sports team.

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