Martyn Bassett Associates identifies and recruits the most successful people in Software Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Product Design across North America.

Why Connect

We are niche focused - 80% of our clients are venture backed tech startups whose brands you've most likely not heard of... yet.

Working with our Recruitment Team gives you access to employers and opportunities not available through organic job search efforts.

Some of our clients operate in stealth mode. These are top secret product & design organizations whose open headcount are unadvertised.

Many of our opportunities also involve hiring the first of a function. Our clients see these as future leadership opportunities. The first Sales Executive as their future VP Sales; or the first Marketer as their future VP Marketing.

Our clients are based throughout North America so you have access to location agnostic opportunities.

Trusted by some of the world's largest tech brands:HR-Logos


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We've been around for over 20 years!

Why does this matter? Because there is no situation we haven't already experienced:

  • Car accidents on the way to an interview
  • Supportive conversations with downsized employees
  • Candidates who are diagnosed with critical illnesses
  • Relocation complexities
  • International candidates
  • Foreign currency compensation
  • Stock option/equity negotiation

I cannot say enough kind things about the entire Martyn Bassett team. I was treated as if I was part of their family from start to finish. Andrew Shaw helped coach me through each step and I was given relevant and timely advice along the way. The follow through and attention to detail were off the charts. Special shout outs go to Tyler Pelley and Akshita Mutreja for getting the ball rolling and keeping the process running smoothly. Offer signed! If you have a chance to work with MB as a client or as a customer, I recommend it!

Michael Singer
Product Marketing Manager

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Priyanka and Andrew were amazing throughout the whole process of reaching out to me and guiding me through the interview process. With their support and guidance, I've landed an amazing role and will continue on my path of career development. Thank you!

Adam Oran
Customer Care Manager

Our Process

Each of our Recruiters specialize in their practice areas and understand what you do and the types of opportunities that are most appealing to those in your field. We are not interested in wasting your time!


Connect: Share your career story and resume. We will engage if we think there could be a fit for an active search.

Engage: Meet with our team and discuss 

  • Career ambitions
  • Scope and scale of your past experiences
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Preferred location or WFH considerations
  • Salary and compensation goals

Determine Interest: If your goals and interests align with any of our active roles, we will share information about that search, and then it's up to you to determine your candidacy. If it's a no, that's okay too. We'll check in from time to time, and our virtual door is always open to you.

Interview: We always prep our candidates! Nervous about the interview? We got you. We spend 15 minutes before any interview walking through what to expect so you nail it.

Negotiate: We take on the role of being your Talent Agent. Most candidates change jobs only every 2-4 years, which puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating offers. As professional negotiators, we become the Agent who works hard to get the best offer possible for our candidates.


Andrew and his team at Martyn Bassett Associates recruited me for a role I was perfectly suited for. I was supported throughout the entire interview process, which was quick, pleasant and well communicated. Andrew helped me negotiate a compensation package that I am thrilled about. He has trusted and longstanding relationships with top tier executives in the tech industry, which gave credibility to my application. I could not be happier with the professional and experienced service I received from Martyn Bassett Associates. Thank you, thank you!

Steph Hoff
Creative Director

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Why Candidates Use Recruiters

Finding A Job Is A Full-time Job

Finding a job is a full-time job, and most leaders don't have the time to commit the top-of-funnel effort required to locate, review, assess, and reach out to multiple opportunities. It is our firm's job and specialty to find, review and evaluate matches between clients and candidates, saving a lot of time and investment on both ends.

The Hidden Job Market Is Real

Many amazing positions are never posted publicly and filled by either promotion, internal referral, or Recruiters. We often help our clients hire opportunistically, which means when we meet an open candidate, and we recognize their experiences are aligned with what a specific client typically recruits for, we broker introductions.

Networks Can Get Tapped Out

A lot of people find their next position through their network, but at some point, you may find no one in your network is hiring, your experiences are not relevant to available positions, or no organization is enticing enough for you to join.

Whatever the reason, you're now at a crossroads but still searching for your next move. Connecting with a Recruiter opens up your network to greater opportunities than what you might find through your efforts.