Became One of the Fastest Growing Companies with Transition from Sales Team-Based to Marketing-Focused Corporation, That Included Implementation of a Key Marketing Executive Role and Several Other Executive Placements.

Achievers created an industry-leading employee engagement platform based on rewards and feedback. Adoption of their platform was growing and they needed to change their business model, which was why they engaged us as their recruitment partners.


When we began working with Achievers, the company was known as I Love Rewards. They had just landed $8.9M in funding to propel their transition to a marketing-driven model.

The Search

Shifting from a sales-team driven organization to employing a marketing-based approach is a complex task. They needed a Senior Marketing Executive with specific experience and qualifications that was capable of overseeing the move.The candidate needed an extensive strategic digital marketing background and would be expected to implement Eloqua and Salesforce. It was crucial that the Senior Marketing Manager role be filled by an individual capable of managing and overseeing the changeover on-the-fly.

The Results

The candidate we identified was on the market because his strategic marketing efforts had driven revenue growth to the point where his company was acquired for over $200M. We made the introduction and Achievers made an offer.

Key Highlights

  1. We made several other VP-level placements
  2. Company closed $24.5M of funding in 2011
  3. Named Fastest Growing Company at the American Business Awards

When hiring our first CPO, we were looking to branch out beyond our network. The Martyn Bassett Associates team was able to source candidates that we were wanting, but unable to get on our own. We were presented with a wide range of fantastic candidates.

Robert Chen
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Almi

What I love about working with this team is they’re there to help. I have weird requests, they jump on the phone and we figure it out. I need someone in a hurry, they hustle. I maybe need someone ages from now, they keep an eye out. I have a question about a salary, or am unsure about how to approach something – they know. We’ve used them for a few years, and we’ve had nothing but great experience working together. Wish I had found them a few years sooner.

Alan Smith
Co-Founder/CEO, Strategyzer

We were impressed with both the speed and the high-calibre of candidates we had to choose from. Martyn Bassett Associates really listen to what you’re looking for and the entire process is very smooth and stress-free.

Roger Barlow
CEO & Co-Founder, Diversys

The entire Martyn Bassett team was easy to work with and we were able to quickly develop an open and transparent partnership. Leveraging their strong expertise and extensive talent network, they helped us find the technology sales leaders and management services experts we needed.

Erin McLean
SVP, Marketing & Human Resources, Herjavec Group

A true value-adding partner in identifying talent. The team at Martyn Bassett Associates were quick to zero-in on our requirements and rigorous in pre-qualifying candidates for consideration. They are focused and fast! Their expertise and experience added value throughout the process and resulted in an outstanding final outcome for Roadpost. This is a team that will strive to exceed expectations.

Kim Layne
VP Marketing, Roadpost