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How this Product Manager led the product development from SMB to Enterprise.

When Fiix Software needed someone to lead the product development and truly own it in order to move from SMB to Enterprise – they needed a recruiter that understood the portion of their evolution to make it happen.

As an early stage company, they needed someone to come in and own their product and act as a member of the senior leadership – but also hands on in the trenches to provide leadership and mentoring to the team.

In March of 2016, their Chief Operating Officer, James Novak reached out to Martyn with a big order to fill – they needed someone to evolve the product from SMB to Enterprise – which falls right into Martyn’s sweet spot.

“It’s a unique time for many companies looking for leadership roles and it really requires the type of understanding that the talent that you need overlapped with the culture fit is really coming from somebody that understands your business.”

Product Management was to be a newly created role for the organization, placing a high level of importance on who fit the bill. Especially at early stages because every hire is critical, where a bad fit could throw a wrench in your plans and you end up spending a ton of time recruiting and now correcting that original mistake.

“Having somebody that understands high-growth SaaS, in the industry that we are in, what we’re trying to achieve and the stage that we’re at was the most critical component for us.”

– James Novak, Chief Operating Officer, Fiix Software
James Novak

Martyn went to work and brought forth Andy Yadegar, who impressed James and his team from day one. Andy wasted little time building and leading the newly formed product management capabilities, and not only was he able to do that, he also lead the delivery effort with developers, moved to agile and also their QA function.

Andy had the breadth of experience James and his team were looking for, and he raised the game of everyone around him. Not only in the product department from a leadership perspective, but also how the rest of the organization interacted with product. Which is crucial because they were out speaking with large enterprise customers and the product was a big part of those conversations.“This really changed our culture not only internally but also how we interacted with customers externally,” said James.

Andy took a holistic approach to the product and he’s been able to deliver exceptionally well, exceeding their expectations by building out the product management capabilities and product capabilities as well.

“Martyn really understood the portion of the evolution that our company was in, and by understanding that, it took us through the process a lot quicker and we found our fit quicker.”

Innovation is the key to success, which is why I trusted Martyn to build the product management team that’s pioneering our next generation of software. These were strategic, technical roles and – as usual – Martyn’s team delivered nothing less than the ideal candidate.

John McAuliffe
President, Leonardo

Martyn has access to a seemingly limitless number of talented sales leaders and he is sure to understand business needs and present only fully vetted candidates. I wholly recommend him for anyone – candidate or hiring manager – looking to find the right home for talented sales leaders.

Chris French
VP Enterprise – Eastern Region, Globoforce

A company is only as successful as its talented people, which is why we turned to Martyn to find us the right people, for the right roles, at critical points in Leonardo’s growth.

Having top talent in place has helped the company’s transformation from a small media production company to a digital technology company serving the global hospitality industry. The quality of talent that Martyn has brought us is unmatched.

Paolo Boni
CEO, Leonardo

It’s a tricky thing to find the right people based in Toronto who can go and sell to distant markets and how to sell in a SaaS world with the right language skills – you can imagine it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and Martyn came up with great candidates that we used to fill a number of roles.

Greg Durand
VP, Global Sales, Cority

The entire Martyn Bassett team was easy to work with and we were able to quickly develop an open and transparent partnership.

Leveraging their strong expertise and extensive talent network, they helped us find the technology sales leaders and management services experts we needed. 

Erin McLean
SVP, Marketing & Human Resources

A true value-adding partner in identifying talent. The team at Martyn Bassett Associates were quick to zero-in on our requirements and rigorous in pre-qualifying candidates for consideration. They are focused and fast! Their expertise and experience added value throughout the process and resulted in an outstanding final outcome for Roadpost. This is a team that will strive to exceed expectations.

Kim Layne
VP Marketing, Roadpost