Turnover in sales can cost you upwards of $50K

Lost time. Lost opportunities. Lost revenue. That’s the triple threat of hiring software sales candidates that under-perform and are under qualified. In today’s competitive marketplace, if you don’t know how to identify your sales needs, understand compensation, structure an interview process or how to recognize red flags – your hiring process will be a minefield to navigate.

This eBook is designed as a comprehensive overview on what it takes to bring on board high-octane sales talent.

Download our eBook and learn how to:

  • Market your opportunity to attract the talent you really want
  • Uncover true sales expertise during the interview process
  • Bring on the right sales reps to drive revenue for your business

“You need to approach the hiring process with the same degree of fierce professionalism as you would the development of a strategic plan or the design of a new product or service.”

– Les McKeown

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