Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto, Canada



Our client is building a platform that changes the game in the entertainment industry by bringing creative talent together from around the world. This disruptive new platform allows story writers to collaborate and build the scripts sold to agents for recognition and profit. Our fast growing client is ready to bring in it's first CTO to roll out new formats, build the team and meet the demands of it's users.


Our client is looking for a CTO who can roll up their sleeves, recruit and coach new hires and take this company to the next level. They are looking for a technically skilled and experienced player who is hands on, will lead all aspects of software development and have experience building a high performing team. This is a role for someone that loves to code as much as he or she loves movies and TV shows and is the first key hire in Toronto.

Our CTO must be a Full-Stack software developer, be able to develop in iOS and Android, and have an understanding of the full software lifecycle, including requirements, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Experience & Expertise

Responsibility includes:

Be fully hands-on in development and writing code Leading all aspects of software development Managing a team of local and overseas developers Delivering complex web applications with an emphasis on stability and quality Representing the technological agenda in staff meetings and when making hiring decisions Maintaining current knowledge of technology landscape and developments Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation, and creativity Spearhead IT projects to increase market reach and improve USP Oversee all system design and changes in system architecture


5+ years of experience with the Django web framework and Python programming language Highly experienced with JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, and Redux Highly experienced building Android and iOS applications Very strong experience with databases including MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB Understanding of the full software lifecycle, including requirements, design, development, testing, and maintenance Experience building a high performing team - recruit, coach and develop their team. Experience implementing UI based on user requirement/feedback Experience in introducing and maintaining strong software development methodologies, team building, and motivation. High attention to detail to maintain design integrity throughout the build process Excellent communication and problem-solving skills Strong commitment to meeting deadlines


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