Marketing Operation Analytics Manager

Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto, Canada



Construction projects are global enterprises, and it takes more than an Excel spreadsheet to control the chaos. Our client builds an enterprise project management product tailored to the specific needs of the construction industry, and over the past four decades they've managed more than $100 billion in projects. Every major construction project is a potential customer, so our client will always need top talent.


The Marketing Operations & Analytics Manager is responsible for developing, managing, executing, and measuring processes and tasks that support awareness creation, demand & lead generation, opportunity management, and target database management. In addition, the MO&A Specialist defines, deploys, and maintains marketing and sales performance measurement systems—reports and dashboards that inform strategic and tactical go-to-market decisions by senior management, marketing, sales, and other stakeholders from across the organization. Lastly, the MO&A Specialist helps to identify, evaluate, deploy, configure, maintain and enhance 'front office' tools & platforms.

Systems Administration - Data & Tools

  • Maintain complete and up-to-date target contact database that enables fast and easy segmentation and list building to support campaign execution.
  • Monitor and maintain data quality in contact database and ensure consistency across all systems. Define and implement database management and segmentation framework.
  • As the de-facto 'owner' of all front office applications, configure and maintain Salesforce (CRM), HubSpot (marketing automation) and Google Analytics (web traffic analysis). Ongoing system administration includes: report and dashboard creation and maintenance, workflow management, lead assignment, user training, account and contact record integrity, system access, and system upgrade coordination.
  • Provide 'first line of support' for all users of Salesforce, HubSpot and other front office applications.
  • Configure, maintain and update applications and tools that extend Salesforce and HubSpot, our two main platforms.
  • Evaluate new technologies and add-on applications to improve and optimize marketing and sales team performance.

Analytics & Performance Reporting

  • Design, deploy and maintain reports and dashboards that help Marketing and Sales monitor and assess efforts, results and business impact.
  • Focus on KPIs, such as campaign metrics (opens, clicks, CTR, downloads), funnel metrics (e.g., lead sources, inquiries, MQLs, SALs, SQLs, active pipeline, conversion rates, lead velocity, won/lost business and reasons for outcomes), and marketing analytics (e.g., marketing sourced/influenced, lead scoring, etc.).

Campaign Management

  • Manage the process to define, pull, and prepare target lists for campaign execution based on target analysis, segmentation and buyer persona profiles.
  • Design, implement and measure outbound email marketing campaigns that target both current and prospective customers. Define and document campaign goals, targets/personas, structure, workflows, content assets, calls-to-action, enabling technologies and team member roles. In addition to 'standalone' campaigns, implement outbound efforts to support trade shows, webinars, user meetings and other programs intended to drive engagement with customers and prospects.
  • Develop, deploy and test email templates, calls to action (CTAs) and landing pages. Measure effectiveness and use results for continuous improvement.
  • Define, conduct and measure A/B and other types of tests in order to continuously enhance campaign effectiveness.

Lead Generation & Sales Support

  • Provide direct tool and template support for day-to-day lead generation and qualification for BDRs and Sales Executives.
  • Monitor and report on BDR and Sales lead qualification outcomes and opportunity follow-up.
  • Proactively communicate to impacted users all changes and enhancements implemented on Salesforce (and related applications). Identify opportunities for users to stay current by recommending online training and conducting periodic 'refreshers' and workshops.

Experience & Expertise

Minimum 4 years of experience working with marketing and sales automation processes and systems in a B2B environment. Demonstrated track record of configuring, deploying and maintaining these systems.

  • Salesforce certification strongly preferred. Without this certification, only outstanding candidates with demonstrated experience running a Salesforce environment will be considered.
  • HubSpot system administration strongly preferred. Without this 'hands-on' experience, only outstanding candidates with a minimum of 4 years of experience with Marketo and/or Pardot will be considered.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience defining, building, maintaining and enhancing a target contact database with >100,000 records. Core database management skills are essential, including data cleansing, record validation, segmentation and list building.
  • Demonstrated experience establishing a strong collaborative relationship with Sales leadership, account executives, and inside sales/business development. An approach and demeanour that acknowledges Sales and Marketing as the key stakeholders (i.e., 'internal customers') for this role.


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