Product Manager

Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto, Canada



Our client is a Series C funded provider of a B2B SaaS solution used by companies to manage a business workflow.

They are on a mission to drive digital transformation in industrial industries, by helping their clients organize, track, and schedule activities.

They are fast becoming "the" of their category. Our client is poised to double in size in the next few years, while maintaining their commitment to sustainability in all they do.


Under the leadership of a recently hired CPO, you will join a small product management team that will double by the end of the year. You will focus on building a delightful product experience with the user in mind, creating easy to use workflows for non-technical users of a B2B SaaS application.

This role is a Senior level Product Manager role, that will will engage with users to identify opportunities, create use cases, and develop a roadmap. You will work in a thoughtful and strategic way, leveraging a world class engineering organization when the time comes to bring an idea to life!

You will function as a Diplomat across the business and in front of clients. Building a business through the function and discipline of effective product management is your jam. Sound like you? Read on to make sure...

Experience & Expertise

  • You are currently a Senior Product Manager of a PLATFORM. Yep—you own the big thing upon which a company's revenue and growth is based upon. If your product goes down, well...let's not even talk about it.

  • You work for a B2B SaaS vendor, or you did at one time, and you know that B2B SaaS is where you really want to be.

  • You have been responsible for a platform product which includes the integration strategy (API strategy).

  • You have between 3-7 years product experience.

  • You have a "product story" to share about how a product you've launched contributed to business objectives—revenue increase, user adoption rates, reducing churn, etc.

  • You have a degree. Could be business, could be a STEM degree. Could be something completely unrelated because let's face it, few people plan to be a Product Manager—right?

  • You have epic verbal and written communication skills. You have no issues preparing business cases or stepping up to a whiteboard to express an idea or opportunity.

  • You are able to get to an office located in WEST TORONTO. This means the High Park/Ronce area. This client does not offer a remote/WFH option because they see YOU as a critical hire who will help build up the business and the overall vibe of the place. Basically, it just won't be the same if you're not there.


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