VP Product

Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto, Canada



Our client is a global company headquartered in Toronto. Their SaaS platform is used by 300+ companies and brands who include BMO, Qantas, Daimler Chrysler, Estee Lauder and MAC Cosmetics. Their team has already grown to 50 people, and they are poised to scale rapidly in 2020.


You will join a founding team as the first Product person, with a mission to move the business from being Engineering led to Product led. In doing so, you will champion models, processes, and methodologies appropriate to the state of the business and teams today, while building the foundation to advance growth and consistent repeatable execution at scale.

You will dive into the data and assess the current platform and industry to develop the first Product roadmap and monetization strategy. Working closing with the Engineering leader, you will advocate for and prioritize goals and resources to increase the value enjoyed by over 300 clients who are already using the platform.

You will be client facing, engaging with C/VP level stakeholders of large enterprise, across industries including retail banking, wealth management, retail, e-commerce, insurance, consumer packaged goods, and nonprofits.

At the appropriate time, you will begin to assemble a team of Product Managers and designers and develop a world class product organization, whose foundation is rooted in a mission to help people.

Experience & Expertise

You are a PRODUCT LEADER, unafraid to step into new products and solutions that will force you to learn something new.

You are a mature, senior level Product Leader who is comfortable casting vision and thought leadership among C-suite of enterprise clients.

You thrive in startups. You've done it before. You can get in the weeds when it's necessary, and you know how to identify when that time is.

The foundations and processes of Product Management are in your DNA. You have adopted and adapted models and methodologies as your past product teams have grown and evolved with the business.

You have a product story to share.

Your personal curiosities include contemplating how to apply software based solutions to helping people around the world. You long to "one day" be working on a Product with a strong social mission.

You are able to commute to an office downtown Toronto. This is not a remote/WFH home opportunity.


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