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VP Product

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client is a B2B SaaS vendor whose product is disrupting how enterprise companies engage, sell and market to their customers, and do so successfully in a Covid economy.

Our client's product has integrations into all of the major marketing automation platforms and has 6000 paying customers. Notable enterprise customers include Salesforce.com, Microsoft and Amazon.


Our client has undergone a product transformation and pivoted to a Product Led Growth model. This new product strategy has fueled 300% growth in 2020. Critical now is the addition of the company's first Product Leader to build and lead the business into its next iteration.

This role will approach Product Management from a Product Led Growth mindset. This requires the incumbent to be astute in discussions and decision making concerning go to market planning, pipeline forecasting, quarterly planning and the general operations of a product led business.

This role will work in close collaboration with the senior leadership team across all functions.

This role will be responsible for hiring and growing the capacity of the Product organization to meet growth targets. Budget has already been allocated to this initiative to double the team from 6-12.

Experience & Expertise

We are seeking a Product Management leader, who has a product-led growth story and focus. The ideal candidate has been responsible for a product whose users engage initially with a freemium product before moving to an enterprise up sell. Candidates must be experienced working with senior leadership teams on business objectives around sales funnels and conversions. Candidates must be experienced leaders of Product Management teams, and experienced scaling teams and managing others as a remote leader. Bonus points will be given to candidates who have worked for a marketing automation product company. Our client is a digital first business, and equal consideration will be given to candidates across Canada or the USA who require a remote/WFH experience.


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