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VP Product

Martyn Bassett Inc



Backed by Tier 1 Venture Capitalists our client is changing the way companies engage with their clients. By creating a better experience for staff and clients they optimize everyone's time.


You will be joining our client as their first VP Product Management hire, at a point in the business where they have Product Market Fit, rapidly growing ARR from sales to enterprise customers and ambitious goals to double sales within the next 12 months.

This role will focus on not only dealing with longover catch up of a backlog but will also drive strategy of the future product outlook, while simultaneously applying product management best practices across the team and business. You got this - right?

To summarize, you will embody the strategic nature of a VP Product while showing us your grit and tactical chops to "get sh*t done" that well, shoulda been done before you came along. But that's why they need you.

Experience & Expertise

You need to be already working as a VP Product or Chief Product Officer of a B2B SaaS vendor. Period.

You need to have worked for a company that has scaled and required you to scale the product org with it. The IDEAL candidate has led product for a company that has grown from $10M - 40M+

Because of the above mentioned requirement, you've worked for a start up. You are comfortable working in companies of 50-70 people, inheriting a product team of 2-3 people.

You are based in Toronto/GTA or Ottawa or a major city west of Ontario: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver to name a few.

You are ready to be a remote executive with the rest of your SLT and your reports in another city. You are able to work from home 100% and fly within Canada once/month or quarter, whatever is required.


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