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Design Lead

Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto Office



Our client is making bold moves in the crypto economy.

They are poised to be the largest crypto company in Canada.

As a result of a recent raise of capital, they are making a number of strategic hires including this role, their first Designer who will lead a very special mission.


This strategic hire represents our client's first in-house Design hire: an experienced Designer who will lead the product through a major overhaul and transformation.

This undertaking will also be part of the creation of the overall brand and aesthetic of the business.

Do not think for a minute this role will be "hands off." Our client is an energetic group of fewer than 30 people and everyone is digging in and doing their part to built the next Canadian Unicorn.

So grab your fav pen & notepad and start sketching.

You'll own the creation of the look and feel of their product, partnering closely with a CoFounder CMO on brand matters.

You'll need to figure out how to bring your product design to life: maybe you'll do part of it, maybe you'll hire contractors with specific design skills or maybe you'll engage a design agency. You decide.

You will partner closely with the CTO to make sure the project plans and priorities are aligned and moving in the right direction.

And let's not forget their awesome CEO with whom you might do webinars and events to show off the product and rebrand to the sounds of "WOW" from the audience.

Do you dig it? Let's do this.

Experience & Expertise

While this is the Design job everyone in Toronto wants, we're looking for the best of the best.

The Designer we are seeking has a strong visual point of view to their work.

Your carefully curated portfolio is ready. No portfolio? No interview.

Ideally you have designed digital financial services products: banking, wealth, insurance or crypto products.

You are able to create and innovate, both strategically in the big picture but also into the details.

You are self-directed and outcome focused.

You are capable of engaging with stakeholders while working with teams who bring your concepts to life.

You are based in Toronto or the GTA, because the Founders want to be able to get the gang together for major events/meetings when necessary and safe to do so.