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Senior Product Manager

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client is a Toronto B2B SaaS company that is transforming the accessibility industry. They have a global reach of companies and brands that trust them to ensure no customer is excluded from accessing digital products and websites.


You will be joining this rapidly growing startup as the VP Product's first product management hire! You will jump right in and start taking the load off the VP, working rapidly with agile teams who are creating net-new features and releasing every 3 weeks.

Typical of a startup, you'll be pulled into sales calls, and you'll partner with CS and Delivery teams to gather critical feedback.

Experience & Expertise

  • You are currently a Senior Product Manager with experience shipping a B2B SaaS product that is used by large enterprises today.
  • You excel working in fast-paced/agile environments that release every 2-3 weeks.
  • You are familiar with working on web accessibility standards for software: ADA, WCAG, AODA, Sec. 508 or can speak to examples of how you engage in practical ways that enhance the lives of others.
  • You demonstrate empathy and willingness to work with Customer Success and Delivery teams. Also actively build bridges into those relationships because you know they are the link to feedback.
  • You must have strong written and verbal communication skills. As you will be expected to engage with enterprise customers of global companies, be pulled into sales calls on short notice and then communicate confidently like an expert.