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VP Product Management

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client is the world leader in innovation training. The combination of their facilitator-led workshops and their B2B SaaS platform enables companies to adopt a human-centered approach towards innovation. Our client has worked with world-class brands and organizations like LinkedIn, Google, HP, etc. to help build a culture of innovation in their workplaces.


Your mission will be to join as the company's first VP level Product Management leader. You are a driven innovator and are ready to empower companies around the world to tackle challenges and seize business opportunities through the products you will manage.

In addition to being responsible for their complete solution suite, you will champion a net-new product experience for which the opportunity has only been magnified in a post-Covid world.

Experience & Expertise

  • You are a VP or CPO level product management leader, passionate about corporate learning, education, and the journey of how humans learn and adopt innovation.
  • You have taken a B2B business through a season of growth, stemming from your decisions around product-driven opportunities and transformation.
  • You are a leader of people. You can rally others around a common goal and spur them on to achieve the big idea.
  • You are comfortably uncomfortable leading products that take a business through transformation, that require ideation and creativity and dare we say it "innovation lab-ish" approaches.
  • You relish being the first to try something that has never been done before. You've failed a few times. You've succeeded a few times. You're ready to do it again.