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Martyn Bassett Inc
Toronto Office



Our client is an international marketplace that brings together digital artists and a community of people who value and procure premium original content.

Our client got their start in Toronto before expanding to the North American market to "shake things up" across a high-brow community of staunched industry elephants. Fast forward to 2018, our client caught the eye of an AsiaPac based digital content giant and was acquired.

Today our client operates as a well-funded subsidiary of that parent company and is seeking their next leader to build and guide the business into the next chapter of their incredible story.


Your mission will be to take the baton from the outgoing CEO and transform the business into its next iteration. You will work with the board to set new priorities and help determine which areas to invest or divest in.

You will be responsible for leading the team forward and will be in charge of recruiting and completing a leadership team to achieve your objectives.

Experience & Expertise

  • You lead a digital native business, such as a subscription (SaaS) product/service, marketplace or a community group.
  • You have experience leading the Product Management function of a company or making product decisions that drive growth across a business.
  • You speak Mandarin well enough to have business discussions with Mandarin-speaking colleagues.
  • You have experience in international business and understand the nuances of cross-cultural communication.
  • You are comfortable working with distributed teams across multiple time zones.
  • You have a valid passport and are prepared to do overseas travel 2 or 3 times/year.
  • You have empathy for people whose passions are in the creative arts.