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Director Marketing

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client is a rapidly growing and highly profitable B2B SaaS vendor that is a market leader in social media analytics. They operate through a Product Led Growth (PLG) approach which begins with a free trial before a customer converts to one of 3 subscription packages. Their solution enables brands and media companies to understand, measure and improve their impact across their clients' social media channels.

They are Toronto-based, but that has not stopped them from reaching a global network of companies. They work with well-known organizations such as BBC News, Google, Netflix and Spotify, to name a few.


This role takes ownership over funnel building & optimization -- perfect for a data-driven person who wants to take a leadership role.

In this role, you will:

Balance the art and science of driving revenue growth through funnel optimization while still delivering fantastic user experiences. Work on both strategy and execution. You're comfortable with not only developing plans but also acting on them to make results happen! Use your communication skills to articulate the value of our client and how it solves key customer pains Run A/B tests use various tactics to drive huge impact on conversions Leverage customer and product usage data to drive product-led growth Work across the company with product, marketing, sales and customer success teams to increase the leverage of each winning bet

Experience & Expertise

You LOVE working with data, and the challenges that come with optimizing funnels You're a jack-of-all trades when it comes to marketing, understanding all the different levers that can be pulled to move a business forward. You have 4+ years of experience in digital marketing & funnel optimization, and can understand and optimize these funnels through AB testing and other hooks (emails, notifications, etc) You have the copywriting skills to influence readers, focusing on their pains and product benefits You're familiar with the scientific method of thinking: • developing data-influenced hypotheses • prioritizing experiments in a structured & defendable way • running experiments & reporting on findings Strong interpersonal and communication skills - you'll be working closely with everyone in the company