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VP Product

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client's roots are as a scrappy startup founded by Engineers with ambitious goals of delivering cleaner, smarter and more cost effective energy distribution grids.

The company launched 4 products and began to realize successes which caught the eye of the industry.

One such industry giant of the energy tech industry stepped forward and acquired our client.

Today, this "scrappy startup" has invigorated the parent org and is poised to transform them by becoming its "Center of Excellence".

As a result of the anticipated transformation about to occur for BOTH organizations, we have been retained to complete the search for a VP Product Management.


The mission of this VP Product Management will be to usher in the next chapter of growth, this time on a global scale.

A tremendous investment is being made into the business.

Further opportunities for growth of the product organization will need to be realized. You will inherit a team of 4 direct reports who lead 20 people > but growing to a 25 person team.

You will apply a strategic lens for the mid and long term roadmap, working in partnership with the acquiring parent company to establish YOUR BUSINESS as their "Center of Excellence".

You will champion a product led mindset across the business to ensure a scalable and repeatable model of efficiency which delivers value for all customers.

Experience & Expertise

We are seeking a product management leader who is currently sitting in the seat of VP Product Management, reporting to a C-level stakeholder.

The candidate we are seeking has managed a product roadmap and portfolio which generates revenue greater than $100M ARR.

The preferred product experiences are focused on B2B SaaS solutions for large enterprises such as manufacturing, industrial businesses, compliance

Experience leading leaders and managing product teams larger than 25 people is a criteria important to our client.

The soft skills persona for this role requires someone who embodies a startup mindset and who is a "builder".

The scope of this role will include P&L and go-to-market.

You are the "cherry on top" candidate if your experience includes leading a product organization solving for the business needs of the ENERGY INDUSTRY across North America