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VP Product

Martyn Bassett Inc



Our client is a Canadian start up who just finished popping the champagne over their Series A raise by a Bay area VC! Our client is modernizing the way property management companies identify, select, engage and procure service providers.


The first order of business is to hire the company's first VP Product Management! This mission takes the baton from a CoFounder to build a PLG business that will scale to an exit.

The incumbent will assume leadership of 2 Directors who help lead a larger team of 20 people across Product, Design, Engineering and Data Science.

Experience & Expertise

We have been retained to focus on a specific set of experiences which include:

A Product Management leader who has been part of building a B2B SaaS business from revenues of less than $5M to north of $20M ARR.

A Product Management leader who has experience taking the baton from a Founder whose vision and business plan inspired VCs to become investors.

Experience with marketplace products and business models, ideally B2B marketplaces.

Success delivering a Product Led Growth (PLG) business model.

Working knowledge of the data and metrics which provide insights around engagement of product experiences such as: growth, user adoption, utilization, MAU, time spent, onboarding and log-in, buy:seller ratios, shopping cart abandonment and payment flows, search, personalization, churn.

Leadership: A product leader who champions a product led way of decision making and builds impactful teams who deliver value consistently.

A "builder" persona. Cool working in a startup with first time Founders with big expectations on this role and the outcomes they are committed to achieving.