We’re looking for the ultimate ‘people person’ to join our team of executive recruiters. We solve one of the oldest business problems – the need for talent – for the new wave of technology companies, which means you’ll be offering your candidates a starring role in a success story they’ll help write.

We specialize in product, sales and marketing, so you’ll be building teams that drive revenue. Seventy percent of our searches are exclusive/retained, so you won’t be wasting time on wild goose chases. 

We’re Recruiting Recruiters.


Your job will involve leveraging LinkedIN, our database and your own resources to track down and land top talent. The particulars include:

  • Identify ideal candidates.
  • Proactively target candidates and sell them on your opportunity.
  • Build relationships with professionals up to the executive level.
  • Interview, coach and qualify candidates for various roles.
  • Present and negotiate offers.


Previous recruitment experience is an advantage, but many of our recruiters come from outside the industry. Either way, you’ll need the following to succeed:

  • Incredible energy and a formidable phone presence.
  • Strong process-driven sales skills.
  • Dedication to metrics and continuous improvement.
  • Exceptional networking ability.
  • Recruitment experience and knowledge of the software space are definite assets.


Top performers can hit $100K in their first year and exceed $200K in the second. Our culture rewards excellence and supports success from top to bottom, because we want to see you excel.