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How to resign like a true professional

In tough economic times, pressures in the workplace squeeze the grip on morale, employee productivity and overall stress levels. Deadlines and quotas aren’t met, people get thrown under the bus, and stress wreaks havoc everywhere you look, placing a great burden of pressure on an individual to reexamine where they fit in with this company and ultimately how it plays a key role in their career path.

Even if this scenario isn’t the case, if it’s time to make a career shift and embrace a new opportunity – you never want to make an irrational decision with your current circumstances clouding your judgment. Before making a jump to a new role in a new environment, it is critical now more than ever to take a thorough examination on where you’ve come, where you are and where you’re headed in your professional roadmap.

Here are 6 important elements to consider when wrapping up your current position and looking forward to the next endeavour. 

  1. Have a self-assured reason for leaving

 Going with your gut doesn’t always fly in the workplace—if you don’t have a plan, don’t leave a stable position. Know your reason for leaving, may it be another job offer, a side project that’s taking off or personal reasons such as travel or family. Knowing with confidence why you are resigning will not only help in an exit interview when explaining your basis for leaving to your employer, but also to ensure that you’ve meticulously thought this process out, and won’t be blindsided in the future.

  1. Exercise caution with your announcement 

Two week’s notice is the standard minimum amount of time to announce your resignation. If your position requires a specialized skill set, or if a project is in it’s critical stages you may need to give more notice. It’s important to keep in mind that a resignation isn’t just an announcement; it’s an agreement between you and your employer. You owe it to them regardless of any feelings of ill will to offer some help during the transition.

Regardless if you feel you have the right amount of notice to make the announcement, be sure that you aren’t ambushing your team. Your resignation will ultimately create a laundry list of work for them, so find a time of day to sit down and speak to them on how you can help with a transition period.

  1. Never burn bridges

Your resignation isn’t an opportunity to pour out your frustrations onto your employer. All this will do is leave a sour taste in the mouths of everyone involved. Even if you aren’t happy with the history you have with your employer, you owe them some gratitude for the opportunity they gave you. In this current marketplace, you never know when you’ll cross paths both personally and professionally – and you never want to carry that kind of baggage around with you. Remember these 5 words that can help you in tough positions in life: Always take the high road!

  1. Reach out to co-workers

Networking is an obvious driving force to any career trajectory, but connecting with people on a personal level is what you want to take from it. You want everyone to be a positive reference. You should always be preparing for a future you can’t see, because you never know when an old colleague could become a useful connection in the future. Take the time to acknowledge what you gained from your working relationships with them and how you would like to continue this relationship moving forward. Remember, relationships of any kind are a two-way street.

  1. Make those two weeks count 

It’s easy to mentally disconnect as the closing day draws nearer, but keep in mind that these are still peoples’ livelihoods on the line, and you never want to leave on a note that would jeopardize their work. Take the high road and make sure you are helping to create a manual or onboarding process for your successor, in order to make the transition easier. Seeing that you are committed to your job right until the end will leave a positive lasting impression on your personal brand.

  1. Be transparent in your exit interview

It is possible to leave a good impression on your employer while participating truthfully in an exit interview, albeit keeping it PG-13. An exit interview is typically when employees are asked to voice their opinions on how the company could improve. However, this is different from sharing your criticisms about the company or your superior as the primary reason for your resignation. The only thing these criticisms will affect in an exit interview is how you are perceived when you’re gone.

Ultimately, you should always prepare for the unknown future. Don’t think about what lies ahead without taking care of your present first—because it can come back to haunt you, or hopefully, support you. Taking the high road isn’t always the easy thing to do because pride sometimes gets in the way, but conducting yourself as the true professional that you are will be something your future self can thank you for. Our eBook is loaded with industry insights on how to hire a powerful Product Manager for the long-term.


  • Science worker typing on laptop computer

Why engineers who use recruiters are ahead of the game

Today there are a number of different ways job seekers look for opportunities: networking, searching online job sites, and using social tools like LinkedIn are some of the most common search methods. However, when it comes to the technology sector, job searching and recruitment enters an entirely different realm.

Hiring an engineer can make or break a company’s success. Companies in search of engineers and technology professionals know that relying solely on tools like LinkedIn and online job postings aren’t the best ways to find the specialized talent they need to grow their business. More often than not, companies are turning to professional recruiters who focus on finding and placing highly skilled engineers with top job opportunities. This means that engineers who work with recruiters have a higher chance of not only finding top jobs – but landing them.

Landing the job with the best fit

Top recruiters spend a significant amount of time getting to know the culture of their clients and the expectations they have for new job opportunities. They are skilled at finding talent that will not only succeed in a role, but will also be the best fit with the culture of a company. Professional recruiters have deep, long-standing networks, and are often able to fill a position without posting the opportunity online. If you’re an engineer looking to take the next step in your career, working with a recruiter will not only expose you to opportunities you may not have otherwise found, but you will also increase your chances of landing the job, and succeeding in it. Remember, recruiters will only connect you with opportunities that are the right fit for you and the company.

The technology sector has become more complex, and companies know it

Compared to even just five years ago, the technology sector has become much more complex, leaving companies struggling to understand the market and find the engineers or skill-sets they need to build their business. Many organizations are now aware that recruitment tools like LinkedIn are not able to completely fulfill their needs when it comes to identifying unique skillsets – and they are turning to specialized recruiters for help. This is why engineers who work with recruiters learn which skills are in demand and which opportunities best match their qualifications.

A large majority of job seekers are overlooked because they apply to the wrong jobs. Recruiters work like matchmakers – they know what makes a great fit and what doesn’t, and this is even more crucial in the tech sector. The problem with sourcing top engineering talent is that everyone is fishing in the same pond for these players. It can be a constant bombardment of job offers that turned most engineers away from LinkedIn because on the onslaught of companies seeking for tech talent. Whereas an outside firm has an extensive, deeper network that can supply companies with pre-vetted, right-fit candidates that extends beyond simply matching up skill-sets and experience needed. In the new age of LinkedIn, outside firms know when and when not to approach a candidate with an opportunity because of where they may stand with their current role. Too often we see companies blinded by talent from scouring LinkedIn, regardless of having access to thousands of applicants because it’s essentially throwing a dart in the dark hoping that some search results stick. A process that can be incredibly off putting to the candidates themselves who get overwhelmed by companies that don’t personalize their approach to them, nor do they come equipped with anything they’re looking for. Which is why we’ve seen an exile from many engineers leaving LinkedIn.

3 tips for working with recruiters

When you start working with a recruiter, it’s important to ensure you are working with one that will help give you an advantage in the job market. Below are three tips to keep in mind when working with a recruiter:

  • Be transparent.

When you first start working with a recruiter, be honest about your skill-set, what type of job you are looking for and your desired compensation package. This level of transparency will go a long way in landing you the best opportunities for your next career step.

  • Be open to personal branding advice.

Recruiters know what hard skills are in demand, and which soft skills can give a candidate a competitive advantage. If you’re offered advice on how to present your resume, or your personal brand online or in an interview, be open to making changes or trying a different way to highlight your talent.

  • Find a recruiter who specializes in your field.

There are a lot of successful recruitment agencies out there, but if you aren’t working with a recruiter who specializes in your field and is familiar with your job functions, chances are you won’t be exposed to the opportunities that make sense for you.

At Martyn Bassett Associates, we build deep and lasting relationships with elite talent, cultivate top-performing teams and make senior, strategic placements for partners of all sizes within the software and technology sector. It’s important to find a recruitment team that knows your skill-set and has the right connections to help you land the job.

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How the Greater Toronto Area is emerging as a powerful tech hub

 “We the Silicon Valley North?”

Toronto has seen growing praise on the global stage for some time now. According to a study of major metropolises by The Economist, Toronto is the world’s best city to live in and the 7th best city to visit by The New York Times – but what about its booming growth in the technology sector?

We have really great talent, low cost to build, part of that is thanks to the tax credits; part of it is the currency, and we find and serve our customers from all over the world. – Mark MacLeod, former chief financial officer for Shopify Inc. & FreshBooks.

Its powerful Bay Street players, real estate explosion and painstaking hockey team have long defined Toronto on the national stage – but it’s the growth we’ve seen in tech that has helped redefine Toronto’s image. An analysis of the top 30 technology centres in North America shows Toronto with the fifth most tech jobs of any city on the Tech 30 list with Vancouver coming in at 20. The Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) said the amount of people employed in the tech sector in Toronto equals out to 11.7% of all office employment.

Toronto now hosts between 2,500 and 4,100 active tech startups.

Toronto has global leading companies in financial services, yet somehow we question our ability to do so in technology. – Mark MacLeod

Toronto is a massive melting pot that brings a unique flavor to entrepreneurship and the startup culture. “Toronto is sitting on a talent gold mine that, with focus and luck, can help the city build the economy of the future.” A lot of Silicon Valley heavyweights that flocked out west to join the tech culture of the Bay Area are returning home to the Greater Toronto Area to launch new ventures and invest in the talent of tomorrow. Many local companies are seeing the benefits to a funding boom that has changed the way foreign capital invests in startups, due to the tax changes that once limited outside VC firms. As Toronto starts to rack up more wins with companies like Influitive, Kobo, Wattpad and Freshbooks putting the city on the map with household names and their growing international success. 

The Waterloo Connection

While Toronto boasts a high concentration of startups, creative environments and like-minded individuals closely linked together, it would be unwise to overlook the cluster of tech companies between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario – an area that boasts offices for Google, Shopify and Research in Motion.

There are already roughly 200,000 technology jobs between the Toronto area and Kitchener-Waterloo, roughly half the size of the workforce in Silicon Valley right now. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the Waterloo region an “extraordinary hub” for innovation. The Toronto to Waterloo connection is a powerful team that is already beginning to play off one another’s strengths.

The bottom line is we are not at our potential. Nowhere near our potential. The pool of talent we have here, I am told by people outside of Toronto and outside of Ontario, is as rich as any in the world.-  Toronto Mayor John Tory.

In other words – Toronto is just barely scraping the surface of its potential in the tech space.

Equip your team with top-tier talent the Greater Toronto Area has to offer by checking out our job board and refreshing what it means to have a driven and powerful Product Manager on your sidelines by downloading our eBook.


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Martyn and his firm are awesome at hiring salespeople and sales leaders. He pretty much staffed up our entire sales team at Eloqua.

We benchmarked him against the best, even local recruiting firms and we found that Martyn could bring on better people, with less yield loss, from Toronto.

Mark Organ
Co-founder & CEO, Influitive

You can spend weeks, even months, in search of the right candidate. Or you can work with someone that knows where to look and save yourself the headache. I gave Martyn Bassett a job description and watched him repeatedly deliver on that from within the sales talent pool.

Keith Nealon
President, Adaptive Insights

Innovation is the key to success, which is why I trusted Martyn to build the product management team that’s pioneering our next generation of software. These were strategic, technical roles and – as usual – Martyn’s team delivered nothing less than the ideal candidate.
John McAuliffe
President, Leonardo

We drew up a very specific wishlist for our Business Development Executive – which included experience in managed and professional services, consistent over-performance and experience as a consultant – before we retained Martyn. We had no guarantee that candidate was on the market but Martyn’s team produced several that ticked all the boxes and one that exceeded our expectations.
Steven Graham
Managing Director, Computer Aid

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Martyn both as a candidate and as a hiring manager and found the experience extremely positive each time. On the candidate side, Martyn takes the time to know you and deliver full disclosure on opportunities – setting you up for success.
On the hiring manager side, he has access to a seemingly limitless number of talented sales leaders and he is sure to understand business needs and present only fully vetted candidates. I wholly recommend him for anyone – candidate or hiring manager – looking to find the right home for talented sales leaders.
Chris French
VP Enterprise – Eastern Region, Globoforce

Having gone through interviews and job negotiations many times on my own before, I have to say that being presented by a recruiter this time made the process so much smoother. I’m sure that myself and my employer are both happier with the outcome as a result of working with Martyn Bassett Associates through the process.
Eric Bradnam
Solutions Architect –  Channel Sales, Dundas Data Visualization

I wasn’t looking for a job when a recruiter from Martyn Bassett Associates reached out to me so I was a bit hesitant at first. But the way he presented the opportunity and the company left me no choice but to agree to an interview. It turns out it was the best career move I’ve made so far, and I owe that to Martyn Bassett Associates.
Brendan Callaghan
Director, Property Sales, Leonardo Worldwide

Someone bringing talent to you is a benefit in and of itself. His contacts, his ability to go and find talent – but it’s the general understanding of what you need or what you don’t need and his ability to have the conversation about it. I looked at Martyn as more than the guy bringing talent to me – I looked to him for advice through the process.
Jamie Schneiderman
CEO, Clearfit

A company is only as successful as its talented people, which is why we turned to Martyn to find us the right people, for the right roles, at critical points in Leonardo’s growth.
Having top talent in place has helped the company’s transformation from a small media production company to a digital technology company serving the global hospitality industry. The quality of talent that Martyn has brought us is unmatched.
Paolo Boni
CEO, Leonardo

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