5 Reasons you should consider joining a Startup

Over the past few years startups have received a lot of buzz. Not only are they in the headlines when they become the next big thing, like Instagram, but they’ve also generated a lot of hype for offering work experiences very different from big corporate enterprises. Whether you’re looking for a new work experience, or you’ve just graduated from college or university, adding startup companies to your job search could come with big benefits.

Here are five reasons you should consider working for a startup:

Creative office environment: Startups are much more likely to have a work environment that is…well let’s be honest…awesome. This could include anything from a pet friendly workspace, to an informal dress code or in-house smoothie bar. While to some these perks might not seem like a big deal, when it comes to the place you’ll be working everyday, this could mean the difference between staying or leaving.

Diverse work experience: If you’re someone who doesn’t like doing the same set of tasks every day or week, joining a startup could open up the opportunity for you to wear multiple hats. For example, you might be hired for your product development skills, but you might also be asked to help develop business strategy or collaborate on product branding. Everything you do at a startup makes a difference, and will leave you with a new skill-set you didn’t have before.

Ownership could be part of the package: Quite often startups will offer new hires ownership in the company. While for some, the initial salary might mean a pay cut, there are other big benefits like stock options that could be life-changing if the company does well.

Little to no red tape: Startup cultures are famous for being highly collaborative with little to no bureaucracy. In highly collaborative environments your ideas will not only be heard but any feedback or approvals you need to put them into development will occur quickly. Working at a startup, you won’t get bogged down on a corporate ladder. Instead, you’ll feel liberated and energized seeing fast results and rewards.

Gain skills you need to start your own venture: Joining a startup is a great way for you to learn if you have what it takes to be your own boss. While you’ll be expected to work hard, along the way you’ll gain the knowledge you need to take charge of your own venture one day.

When considering a startup as your next opportunity, it’s important to do your research and not only make sure you’re a good match with the team, but also understand the long-term vision of the company. Asking questions like, “how do the founders get along when things get stressful,” is necessary to understand how the company will be run. If you think you might be ready to take the jump, start with our latest job postings to see if there’s an opportunity waiting for you.