Best Practices for Building a Sales Team that Drives Revenue

Your sales team is on the front lines every day, taking calls, sending emails, consulting clients on the best technology solutions to solve their challenges. More importantly, your sales reps are meeting or exceeding their quota, upselling existing clients and driving revenue for your company. That’s the ideal scenario.

If you want to turn this ideal scenario into a reality for your company, follow these simple sales hiring best practices.

1. Sell your opportunity. A cut and paste, generic job description won’t do (unless you’re ok with attracting generic candidates). Write your job description in a way that makes it enticing to the caliber of talent you’re looking to bring on.

2. Hire challengers. “Great sales people do more than sell; they challenge their clients.That’s a person you want on your team,” explains Tom Searcy, the Founder of Hunt Big Sales.

3. Don’t settle. Hiring the wrong sales reps wastes time and costs money, two things that you really can’t afford to lose. Be sure that you’re hiring sales reps with proven, demonstrated success behind them who are the right fit for your company.

4. Take your time. Hiring mistakes happen when decisions are rushed. However, if you wait too long and leave front-running candidates hanging, you risk losing them. Always be transparent and communicate your timeline.

5. Improve your process. If applications come in at a snails pace, candidates turn down your offers, or new hires fail to meet expectations, it may be time to consider ways to improve your sales hiring process.

  • Are you posting your job in the right places?
  • Are you asking the right interview questions?
  • Are you checking references?