Hiring Your First Product Manager

Our first product search happened in 2006 and the launch of our Product Practice in 2016; since then, we have been building product teams for venture-funded tech startups across Canada and in select US markets.

One of the most common situations we get engaged in is helping a Founder hire their first Product Manager.

Sometimes our stakeholder is the Founder/CEO, other times, it's the CoFounder/CTO. Whomever the role will report to, this hire will be the first person to take the baby from a (Co)Founder, so we don't have to tell you, or your VP People & Talent, that is a special person.

Here are the most common requirements Founders want that special hire to embody:  

Our most typical clients in this hiring situation:

  1. The company is a B2B SaaS business whose ARR is achieved by a sales team pursuing enterprise customers. The business might also offer a self-serve (PLG) model for SMB customers.
  2. Revenues are $3-10M ARR.
  3. The Founder or CoFounder will continue to own the long-term strategic roadmap.

Given those assumptions, this is the profile many clients of this size engage us to recruit for:

  • Senior-level individual contributor 
  • Previous B2B SaaS experience 
  • Capable of managing the product strategically
  • Market facing skills and ability to engage with customers to understand their needs: 
    • Ability to analyze customer requests to recognize future product opportunities that add value for all customers
    • And the confidence to say 'no' to everything else

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