Paying for Paymentech Talent

The payments category of fintech has been an area of exploding growth over the last number of years: BNPL, cross-border payments, mobile commerce, pay apps, cashback, and a future being shaped by open banking and real-time rails.

The payments category is an area of fintech that we have a lot of experience recruiting for. Within this category, the Product Manager hire is often considered a mission-critical hire and "specialized" talent.

Despite the overall tech hiring slowdown, we are seeing little slowdown in the demand for specific payments experiences. Salaries for specialized product talent remain highly competitive, and employers are willing to pay big if it will accelerate business outcomes.

These specialized market conditions are one of the reasons why so many tech startups are still engaging our services, as we are one of the few firms that actually understands product recruiting

To provide more context on the topic of salaries for Paymentech Product Managers, we've curated these three Salary Insights that highlight the scope and scale of real payments-focused Senior Product Manager talent we've placed, and what those in the market are earning: 

  1. Series A Paymentech
  2. Series A Marketplace - 0-1 Product
  3. Global In-app Gaming Payment Processor

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